Convoy trailer benefits

As a carrier who hauls with Convoy, you’ve got access to our vast trailer fleet to help you save money and get the most out of your time on the road.

Treat our trailer fleet like your own

Carriers in our network have access to three distinct trailer benefits. Convoy trailers can be used for loads booked through any company, not just Convoy.

Rent trailers

Rent dry van trailers from Convoy by the month; maintenance and unlimited mileage included.

Extend trailer return times

Keep your trailers for up to 7 days after finishing a power-only load.

Choose trailer return locations

Return our trailer to a more convenient location after your power-only job.

Monthly trailer rentals

  • Stay flexible by only renting a trailer when you need it, and just your tractor in months where you don’t
  • Use empty Convoy trailers to haul any load that you book, including non-Convoy loads
  • Expand the types of loads you can haul by using our trailers without having to buy your own

Extend trailer return time

  • Have the flexibility to keep our trailer after completing a power-only load for up to 7 days at a low price
  • Earn more by using our trailers to haul additional loads after the live unload
  • Maximize your efficiency by finding a backhaul from any company to keep you full on your return

Choose trailer return location

  • Save time after a power-only load by returning the trailer to a location that’s closer to where you want to go
  • Plan your routes and schedules more efficiently with drop-off sites closer to your next job
  • Stay flexible with the option to make changes to your drop-off location up until your return time

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