Find out why carriers choose Convoy to power their success on and off the road


Convoy is thankful for all the carriers that drive this industry forward. From our paperless onboarding process, to our free Quickpay, to our easy to use mobile app, carriers are assured that we will help them earn more, with less hassle.


With quick and paperless onboarding, carriers can sign up and start booking shipments in minutes, not days.

I started running on my own in March, and Convoy was the first broker and app that I used – the paperless signup was so simple! Convoy opened my eyes to the possibilities.

Michael Rivera , Marr Transport Service LLC

“After starting with Convoy, we increased our fleet by 30 trucks. It’s a great company with a good amount of volume. They helped us build our business and customer base in California — something we could never do before.”

Guri Bhathal, National Transportation Services

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Finding loads is easy and transparent. You can search, filter, or request loads through Convoy’s mobile app and carrier web.

100% of my loads are now done with Convoy. Convoy Automated reloads make it so much easier to fit multiple loads into a schedule and make the most overall profit. It’s a no-brainer and a clear example of how Convoy is the only company that helps me earn more with less hassle.

Robert A Key , Bizzyb Transport, llc

“The Convoy app makes it easy to give my drivers loads they want. Via the app, drivers can see all the information they need about a load before they accept. That makes it more hands-off for me.”

Stephanie Trejo, Tremmar Freight Services

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Carriers can and should bid on as many loads as they want. If a bid is awarded to the carrier, but they decide not to confirm the load, it will not impact their carrier scorecard. This allows carriers to choose the best load, at the best time, for them.

It’s easy. There is no ambiguity — no disconnect between you and the broker. The bidding is very transparent and you get all the information on the app. The best part is you get QuickPay!

Rupender Gill , BSC Trucking

Bidding in the Convoy app helps so much with the language and cultural barriers in this industry. Using technology can solve 80% of the problems for someone who may not be able to speak perfect English or express what they need verbally. It’s such an app driven world and I’m glad trucking is a part of it now.

Gill , GSG Logistics Inc


Convoy’s industry-leading mobile app provides a hassle free experience for drivers and dispatchers. With hassle-free detention and lumper requests, we make it easy for you to complete shipments with no phone calls required.

I’ve been using Convoy for two years, and do 100% of my loads with them. Convoy’s service and the pay is the best. If something happens, I can get someone on the phone right away.

Juan Garcia , Pacific Star Nursery Transportation Inc

What I love about this company is their ability to stay connected with the drivers and develop features based on their needs in the industry. When you look at features like free Quickpay, hassle-free detention, in-app lumpers, Convoy was the first to set new industry standards that ultimately help the smaller fleets.

Matthew Velazquez , Greenmiles


Carriers can’t beat Convoy’s free QuickPay and hassle-free invoicing process! Just upload photos of paperwork directly in the app, or on carrier web and be paid in two days.

It’s easy. I love the quick payments and no factoring with Convoy.

Charmaria Gurley , Gurley All Freight

Everything with Convoy is automated. I hate working with other brokers because I have to fax or email BOLs. Convoy allows my drivers to upload photos and get paid faster. I love the automation of not having to do so much effort to submit payments.

Janee Moore , Thompson Trucking & Logistics


With special programs like power only and dedicated freight, Convoy enables carriers of all sizes to haul freight that maximizes their earning potential. Convoy also partners with companies to provide discounts for our entire carrier base with our TruckYeah Savings.

We operate almost exclusively power only loads with Convoy. The main upside is that the wait time is very short, we are in and out of facilities in 45 minutes versus more than four hours for live loads.

Eduardo Canales , Canales Trucking

This is the first time we’ve had access to dedicated freight. As a small operation, we’ve never been able to access anything like this from the traditional brokers we’ve worked with. This gives me peace of mind that I don’t have to be constantly looking for new shipments. With dedicated freight I know I’m going to have the loads I want and that I need to keep my business running.

Kenia Vazquez , KRV Transport


Each year, we recognize our best performing carriers in each region. These carriers are chosen for their outstanding reputation at Convoy, along with their lifetime carrier scorecards for on-time, fall offs, and app usage.


Each year, we recognize our best performing carriers in each region. These carriers are chosen for their outstanding reputation at Convoy, along with their lifetime carrier scorecards for on-time, fall offs, and app usage.