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Eight Best Trucking Apps for Drivers

CarriersPublished on January 14, 2021

For truck drivers, life on the road brings new and unexpected challenges every day. From treacherous weather in one city, to closed parking lots in another, the number of different factors that drivers need to track is always growing. 

Technology is working hard to make drivers’ lives easier. Below are the best trucking apps that help drivers save time and money on the road. 

Eight Best Trucking Apps

  1. Convoy Fuel Card: The Convoy Fuel Card, available in the Convoy app, helps carriers save big on fuel all around the country. The app also allows drivers to see how much they can save at all qualifying gas stations along their route, ensuring that users are saving the most every time they fill up their truck. The best part? With this cash-secured card there are no fees, just savings!
  2. Cost Per Mile: Ran by the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA), the Cost Per Mile app can help carriers determine how much their operations cost per mile. Knowledge is power, knowing your costs is the first step toward understanding how to bring them down so you can take home more of your pay.
  3. Weather Underground: Forecasts are great, but when you are consistently on the road real time updates are key for managing your day and adjusting your plans as needed. The Weather Underground app allows truck drivers to set alerts, pinpoint locations to capture micro climates, and create custom weather reports so you always know what the weather has in store. 
  4. Entertainment on the road is key, and while there are a variety of options these days it is always important to have something ready for when cell signal and wi-fi are both out of reach. lets you download audiobooks to your device, with thousands of free options available. 
  5. Truckers Path: Unpredictability in parking, weight stations, and tolls can wreak havoc on your day. Truckers Path is a very carrier-friendly app for easily finding rest stops, truck washes and more on their route, and helps drivers plan for the stops and costs in their day ahead.  
  6. Trucksmart: The Trucksmart mobile app makes it easy to find truck stops and gas stations along your route. For members of the free UltraONE program, you can use the app to redeem points for free showers, in store purchases, and restaurants. 
  7. Social Apps: We couldn’t pick just one! Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are all great ways to stay connected with fellow drivers while on the road. They also provide a great platform for sharing scenes from your day with friends and family, and keeping up on what is going on with your loved ones. 
  8. Doc411: Headed to a new facility and not sure what to expect? The Doc411 app (Android, iPhone) has you covered. By crowdsourcing feedback from drivers Doc411 has all the information you could need, from bathroom availability, to wifi and maneuverability. 

Convoy is constantly working to build new tools and capabilities to make finding and hauling loads easier than ever. Combining the load finding capabilities of the Convoy app with the information and alerts provided by specialized apps will set you up for success on the road. 

Haven’t tried Convoy’s freight factoring app yet? Sign up for our fleet fuel card.


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