About Us

Convoy is the easiest way to book trucks. We guarantee capacity, back up every shipment with outstanding customer service and offer GPS tracking on all loads.

Our carriers are reliable and trustworthy. Every truck and driver in our network is equipped with the Convoy mobile app to provide you with real-time shipment tracking, status updates, and on-time deliveries.

Convoy operates in regions across the United States, get in touch to start shipping.

When you book shipments with Convoy, you get:

  • Peace of mind that you will get a truck when you need it
  • Real-time GPS tracking of your shipment
  • Alerts when your shipment is picked up and is delivered
  • Images of your shipment and the signed bill of lading delivered instantly to your account
  • Outstanding customer service
  • A simple online dashboard to view and manage all of your freight shipping

When you join Convoy’s carrier network, you get:

  • Loads offered to you via our free mobile app
  • Easy tools to add trucks and dispatch jobs to your drivers electronically via the app
  • Free fleet tracking
  • Payment processed within 24 hours for jobs
  • Outstanding customer service

Team photo

Convoy is based in Seattle, WA. Our growing team comes from Amazon, Google, Coyote Logistics, Rover, Uber, Microsoft, Starbucks, and more. We believe that technology can dramatically improve trucking, an industry which impacts nearly every person in America.

Jobs at Convoy

Convoy, recently nominated for “Start up of the Year”, is a rapidly growing company that uses technology to revolutionize the $800 Billion trucking industry! We’re backed by the founders/CEOs of Amazon, Linkedin, Salesforce, Instagram, Expedia and Dropbox and are focused on improving efficiency for shippers, carriers, and the industry at large.

Our team is comprised of the best in their fields from around the country, and we are looking for A+ players to join us! We seek outstanding candidates with the drive to revolutionize trucking.

Visit our careers page to see all open positions