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Our Mission:

Transporting the World with Endless Capacity and Zero Waste

In 2015, Convoy Started a Movement in Efficient Freight

We build technology to find smarter ways to connect shippers with carriers while solving some of the toughest problems that result in waste in the freight industry.

Together with our investors, Generation Investment Management, T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc., Greylock Partners, Y Combinator, CapitalG, Lone Pine Capital, Cascade Investment (the private investment vehicle of William H. Gates III), U2’s Bono and The Edge, Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff, former Starbucks President Howard Behar, Code.org founders Hadi and Ali Partovi, Jeff Bezos via Bezos Expeditions and former U.S Senator Bill Bradley — amongst others, we believe we can influence the industry and build a more sustainable future.

Trucking is one of the largest industries in the United States


of every dollar moving freight is spent on trucking


is spent annually on trucking services


of all miles driven are empty miles, leading to waste


metric tons of CO2 equivalent emissions are the result of empty miles

Solving the Fundamental Problems of Freight
Convoy is the most efficient digital freight network, using machine learning and automation to connect shippers and carriers to move millions of truckloads, saving money for shippers, increasing earnings for carriers, and eliminating carbon waste for our planet.

For Shippers

Convoy lowers total costs for shippers, providing asset-like reliability and efficiency, with broker-like flexibility. Convoy increases quality while providing transparent access to real-time data insights that help shippers improve operations.

For Carriers

Convoy maximizes earnings for carriers by keeping their trucks full on the lanes they like to run with less hassle all around.

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Eliminating 72 Million Metric Tons of Carbon Emissions, Together

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The Rewards of Putting Customers First

Our digital freight network earns accolades from press around the world, but it’s our dedication to customer success that makes us a leader in supply chain.


National Carrier of the Year

Procter & Gamble

Innovation Partner of the Year


Freight.Tech 25 Award

Partner To Win Visionary Award

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Our values represent who we are as a company and how we show up every day

We proudly share our values with our customers and partners as we believe they say as much about Convoy as the products and services we provide.


Always Have a Sense of Urgency

Don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today. We think and act in days instead of weeks. Fast is better than perfect.


Bring Out the Best in Others

Leaders succeed by creating an environment where others do their best work, and by making their peers, team members, and managers more successful.

Love Problems, Not Solutions

We don’t get so fixated on a solution that we lose sight of the problem. The best solution wins—no matter the source.

Know Why

Know why before taking action or investing time. We give context, set clear goals, and use independent judgment. We don’t do anything just because “someone said so” or “it felt right.”

Think Big

We challenge ourselves to think at uncomfortable levels and aspire for more. No one will set the bar higher than we do.

Challenge Ideas, Respect Decisions

Speak up and engage in candid debate but commit to the decision once it’s made.

Earn it Through Results

We leave entitlements at the door and achieve our goals by delivering results, not by managing perceptions or going through the motions. We take ownership of the outcomes, not just the inputs.

Dive Deep

We’re intimate with the details of our business and we investigate anecdotes. We’re subject matter experts in our business and roles. When we have to make trade offs for speed, we call it out.

Innovate Deliberately

Our focus is a limited resource. We invest it into the advantages we create for ourselves and our partners. Elsewhere, we choose the known solution.

Build Trust

Listen first, admit mistakes, speak candidly, and treat others respectfully. We live and die by our trust in each other.

Recover Quickly

We learn from our failures to continuously make ourselves and the company better. Rapidly recovering from mistakes is as valuable as making the right call in the first place.

Join our team and help create a better future

We move fast and we challenge each other, but we look after each other and care about our culture, which makes working here extremely rewarding. There’s a lot of work left for us to do, and we couldn’t do it without a single member of our team.

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Our experienced and passionate leaders are dedicated to making Convoy a great place to work. They love working with customers and with the Convoy team. They’re supported by an engaged Board of Directors.

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