Stay resilient during market volatility with dynamic freight pricing

Freight Services

As the past year has shown, static contract rates often diverge from the market when it’s volatile, leading to higher tender rejection rates and sending shippers down their routing guides.

Since most routing guides are built using static rates, backup carriers may reject tenders for the same reason primary carriers do, resulting in lost time, higher prices, and more hassle. The problem stems from a fundamental conflict in freight: static pricing and dynamic markets. The market has always been dynamic, and for a long time static pricing was a shipper’s only option. But not anymore.

Convoy’s digital freight network offers dynamic pricing that’s resilient to market volatility. By using machine learning, automation, and an open, fully-connected freight marketplace, Convoy enables pricing that’s transparent and competitive while providing reliable, flexible capacity. In this white paper, we’ll show how Convoy’s dynamic pricing services saves time, reduces costs, and provides peace of mind across primary, backup, and spot offerings.

A sneak peek:

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