The story behind citizen band radios

Carriers24 minutes

Today on Convoy Radio we are talking about CB Radios! That’s right we are getting down and dirty about Citizen Band and sharing all of our memories and knowledge on the subject.

Inside this episode, we discuss radio slang and the code terms used on the airwaves before looking back at the history and origin of the technology and how it has been used over the years.

We then dive in to consider the radios’ usage in organizing and mobilizing convoys, as well as providing the necessary connection to friends and associates on long journeys. Finally, we finish off the episode breaking down and trying out some combinations of CB slang and try and figure out what each sentence means!

Stay tuned to the end hear the definition of a ‘West Coast Turnaround’!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The changing weather and the sweet spot in Seattle fall.
  • Childhood experiences with walkie-talkies and tuning into other people’s frequencies.
  • The history of the Citizen Band Radio, its inventor and range.
  • Original uses for CB radios and connecting with friends and associates.
  • Organizing a convoy and alerting peers to anything important.
  • CB nicknames and coming up with the perfect alias.
  • Going over some classic CB slang and the way it can fit together.
  • The crossover between slang and code from different industries.
  • Favorite gas stations and deciding where to stop.
  • And much more!