The most efficient digital freight network

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In 2015, we started a movement in efficient freight. In 2019, we announced that we have raised $400 million in funding to help eliminate hundreds of billions of dollars of waste in the trucking industry.

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Dan Lewis: Trucking is the background noise in America. Trucking keeps the world going around and it's working. Stuff gets where it needs to go, it's just pretty inefficient.
Convoy started in 2015 to transform the trucking industry. The traditional manual approach to freight brokering gets less efficient with scale. When you instead apply technology and data to the problem you tend to get more efficient with scale. A digital freight network can do that. It considers all the factors and figures out how to reduce all of this waste in the system. Waste of time, waste of miles, waste of energy and waste of fuel.
We want to bring respect and economic success to truck drivers. We want to help shippers get their job done more confidently at a lower cost. And we want to reduce waste and pollution in the environment.