The Logbook: Taking the wheel with Eliza Cruz

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Convoy is dedicated to better understanding the everyday experiences and problems carriers face behind the wheel.

Today, we sit down with Eliza Cruz from Sacramento, Calif. to talk about driving under her family’s authority for the past seven years. Eliza’s husband has been involved in trucking since he was 18 and they first began using Convoy to find and book loads in December 2016.

Eliza Cruz: I was a dispatcher when we started. Drivers are the most important part of this job. The world moves because of the truck. If we don't have drivers, we don't have so many things.
I'll be honest, I've gotten inspired by one of the drivers that used to work with me. She was 5' she was so skinny, so feminine. She was doing it, and I said, 'If she can, I can.' I'm not Beep Beep Trucking when I get to any facility. I am a Convoy carrier. It was a company that finally was really caring about the drivers.