The economics of the freight industry with Aaron Terrazas

Industry Insights53 minutes

Our topic today on Convoy Radio is economics – one that feels way over our heads. That’s why we made the wise decision to get Aaron Terrazas and Aviad Benzikry who are experts in the field to lead the conversation on this front. Aaron is a freight economist while Aviad deals with product marketing at Convoy, and both joined the company at a similar time earlier this year.

Today on the podcast we discuss the newsworthy events of the last few weeks, including the reported shortage of truck drivers and the scandal that involved a DPS worker being bribed to give out fake commercial driving licenses. We then dive into the freight recession of the past eight months, talking about how this both predicts and affects the larger US economy, what the main indicators are and what can be done to induce the expansion phase.

Aaron and Aviad talk about the research they have done on empty miles and share their findings of the different ways in which it happens, why it is so tricky to get exact numbers, how it impacts the market and how technology has come a long way to begin solving these problems for us. In conclusion, we raise the owner-operator debate and get our guests to weigh in on the matter.