Meet Mandip from Legacy Carriers – hauling with Convoy

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Mandip started his own company along with his dad a few years ago. Hear why he loves trucking, what kind of trucks he likes to drive, and why he loves hauling with Convoy. “Customer service and credibility – that’s the best thing.”

My name, is Mandip. Been in the business for about four years. I started my own company about two years ago. Me and my dad did. And we mostly do flatbed. And we want to work more. You can work more or less. You can work less, obviously, you have to watch your hours, but your income is in your own hands. I control where I want to go, what I want to move, the commodity, you know, whether I want to even go to work or not. I like to keep older trucks and just work them up, you know, build them up, put a lot of chrome lights on them. My trucks in 99, Peterbilt, 379 short nose. Those got the older mechanical 3460 cat motor. The majority of our work we do it with Convoy. I'd say the number one thing is their app that they have. And what's cool about the app is once you get to the pickup, it tells you that you ride, you know, you pick up the load you marked that you picked up and you take off. It gives you all the load information and the address to where you're shipping to. The addresses there you just click on it. Map will pop up, tells you exactly how to get there. You can view the satellite view anything you want. So you know, it's all at your fingertips. It's great. Keeps it pretty busy.
They're not always about business, you know, it's it's very friendly joke around, mess around and whatever, you know. You know you can get paid bunch of money by brokers. But you know if you've got bad customer service and you don't know if you're going to get paid for it, then why's it matter. Customer service and the credibility, that's the best thing.