Hear why Jassi loves driving with Convoy

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Jassi Singh was able to upgrade his truck by driving with Convoy. Hear why he loves using Convoy to find and book loads, get paid quickly, and decrease deadhead miles.

Jassi: My name is Jassi and I'm National Express. We've been working flatbeds for a year now, been trucking for about three and a half years. Oh, I love running my business. I got my truck, my own truck and trailer. I used to have a 06 Freightliner and then upgraded the truck about four months ago. Well, thanks to Convoy and working with Convoy, I was able to do that.
Jassi: So I've been working with Convoy about a year now, ever since I started doing the flatbed and Convoy's a good good company. Convoy technology is awesome. How you submit your BOL's is awesome. Take a picture with your phone and upload it. It's nice and the app is good. You can choose all the loads which are right there on your app on your phone and you can pick and choose what load you want to do, where you want to go, and you know, rate, everything, miles, load in miles, empty miles, all of that stuff is there. You know, it's really nice and helpful. The payment stuff is really nice. Normally, it takes up to about 30 days. You know, 28 - 30 days to get paid after you submit your BOLs. But with Convoy, this is really quick - in two days, three days. Quickpay has no charge, no fee.
Jassi: Team at convoy is awesome. They're good people who work with friendly people. Whenever you need, you know you have issues with the load or whatnot, you call right away, they'll answer the phone. Brian is good, I talk to him on a regular basis. Cooper is good. Melanie, too. Good people, good people to work with.