Credo Beauty’s Mia Davis: pioneering clean beauty

Sustainability16 minutes

We wanted to take a deeper dive into clean beauty and the best person to guide us is Mia Davis, Director of Environmental and Social Responsibility at Credo Beauty, the largest clean beauty retailer with 10 brick and mortar stores and a dot com business. Since joining Credo Beauty three years ago, it has been Mia’s job to launch the Credo Clean Standard to define clean beauty for Credo and make sure their 135 brand partners work with them to operationalize clean and remove ingredients on their “dirty list” from beauty products.

Mia chats with Convoy’s Head of Sustainability, Jennifer Wong, to share what it takes to operationalize sustainability into a company’s supply chain, how to maintain consumer confidence in clean beauty products, ways in which a company can integrate sustainability into its business practices, and what’s next on the horizon in the clean beauty movement.