Encore Glass cuts booking time in half

Tech & Visibility3 minutes

Learn how Encore Glass cut booking time in half through Convoy’s online shipper platform.

My name is Phil Russell. I have been with Encore for 12 years. We provide wine bottles, beer bottles and spirit bottles all over the United States and into Canada. We just had our first 100 shipment month with Convoy.
Prior to Convoy-- when you're doing everything longhand, you're making phone calls, you're sending emails, and you're really having to watch the nitty-gritty for every single load or fight the little fires that pop up on a daily basis. Stress levels can climb pretty quickly. Where if we plug it into Convoy, they're doing the legwork for us. We know that we can just trust the system and get it taken care of. So we've really been able to reduce our time we spend on a load-- almost by half.
The biggest surprise is the ease of use and how willing the Convoy team is to adapt to what we need. Customers have been constantly coming to us because they know that we're going to provide on-time delivery that they require. And so far for the year-- we're I think close to $70,000 in savings that, again, is another huge win for me personally, but also for the company. So if I had to go back and do it all over again, I wouldn't change anything.