Convoy helps Waiakea reach their sustainability goals

Sustainability, Tech & Visibility2 minutes

Environmental sustainability is at the core of Convoy’s mission of transporting the world with endless capacity and zero waste.

With partner Waiākea, Convoy helps the premium bottled water and beverage company create supply chain efficiencies that eliminate waste and make it easier for them reach their sustainability goals.

Speaker 1: My name is Ryan Emmons. I'm the CEO of Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. But what drives our decisions here at Waiākea is really our purpose to create a transformation within the bottled water, beverage and greater CPG industry, away from singular profit and towards promoting people and planet. We ship our goods around the world, so we really have to focus on the carbon footprint of our supply chain.
Speaker 2: The largest environmental issues for supply chain is the amount of excess trucks that are currently on the road. Some of them are not even full. Some of them are not booked with the appropriate lead times, which means more gas, more CO2 emissions, more manpower. When Convoy reached out to me, they were the only one that had the same alignment of our core values.
Speaker 1: Convoy is helping us reach our sustainability goals in a variety of ways. I know when I book with Convoy, they're going to find the most efficient truck. Convoy's able to match the carrier with the proper load, really eliminating tons of waste and inefficiency.
Speaker 2: The time savings and the financial savings that Convoy enables you to have, allows you to have the full transparency to your loads, to the marketplace and to the future of freight.