Convoy digital freight network overview

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Get freight coverage without compromise. Convoy gives you access to reliable and flexible truckload capacity, along with data and insights that traditional providers can’t match. Watch this video and discover the power of the most efficient digital freight network.

The logistics industry is dynamic. Chaos is an everyday part of the job. Market volatility and demand surges, carrier fall-offs and late deliveries, rejected tenders and frustrated customers-- there's always a trade-off between reliability and flexibility. Traditional freight providers often fall short. They rely on manual processes that slow down operations and give limited visibility. There has to be a better way to move your freight.
Convoy is a new category of provider-- a digital freight network. We use technology to connect you with our massive network of carriers in an open marketplace that keeps rates competitive. [MUSIC PLAYING]
With tens of thousands of carriers in our nationwide network, we can flex capacity at a moment's notice. This means you can count on Convoy to cover your load, even when things are tight and volatile. With dry van, reefer, and drop coverage across primary, backup, and spot, we can provide on-demand freight for all of your truck load needs.
Since technology and data are central to how we operate, our digital freight network offers detailed visibility to your supply chain. We provide you with data and insights that identify savings opportunities and help your company streamline your logistics.
We use machine learning to continuously monitor carrier safety and performance. We perform more than 300,000 quality checks each month. The results-- higher tender acceptance and fewer claims. With Convoy, you don't need to make trade-offs. You get reliable and flexible freight coverage plus transparent data and insights that traditional freight companies can't match.
Adapting to a dynamic freight market requires a different approach, one based on technology, informed by data, and supported by a team that's committed to your success. Now is the time to join the most efficient digital freight network. [MUSIC PLAYING]