Carrier training: driver app use

Carriers2 minutes

Hello and welcome to Convoy App Use Training.

App use is required from every carrier we work with, and it’s just as important as showing up on time & not cancelling loads.

The app allows up to provide better quality service to our carrier partners, so that you can focus on keeping your trucks full.

Using the app means no ETA calls or texts.

The app also lets us respond faster to problems on loads. Report your problem by hitting the support button on a shipment’s details page.

To use the app, follow these 4 easy steps

First, the dispatcher must assign the correct driver to every shipment. That ensures we are getting ETAs from the right phone. Drivers you add to your company profile never see rates or offers.

Second, the driver must have the app running 4 hours before pickup to the end of delivery. The app will automatically send us ETAs until the load is complete, meaning no extra calls or texts.

If Location Services are denied and we can’t use your phone’s GPS, the app will show an alert. Set Location Services to “Always Allow” until delivery.

Third, the driver or dispatcher must hit load progress buttons to mark the completion of pickup and delivery.

Fourth, the driver or dispatcher must send the BOL through the app within 24 hours of finishing the load. Our shippers expect proof of delivery promptly after the load completes.

To recap, here are the four simple steps to app use:

  • One, assign the correct driver.
  • Two, have the app running.
  • Three, mark pickup and delivery completions.
  • Four, send us the BOL.