Carrier on-boarding with Convoy

Carriers3 minutes

Getting started with Convoy is easy! Check out this video to learn more and book your first load.

Speaker 1: Welcome to Convoy's Carrier Quickstart Guide. To start open the main menu of the app and select jobs and offers. Here you can search for available offers, access active jobs, and request a specific loader lane with the tap of a button. Let's get started on learning how to request and book freight in the Convoy app.
To request a load, select the request tabs and select Create a new request. On this screen, you'll select a pickup location by choosing current location anywhere or entering a specific city or state. Next, customize the search radius in tap submit. To further customize your request, select if you need a dry van, reefer, flatbed, or power only trailer type. Finally, select the preferred pickup dates for your requests. If you do not have a preferred date, tap, select all dates and submit your request to see your match loads. If you have a red belt icon next to the request, you'll receive notifications on new matching Offers. Requested loads are also visible in the offers tab
To sort and filter offers tap on the search bar. Similar to the request tab. You can enter your pickup or delivery destination. Customize the radius and enter your preferred trailer type. To filter search results, tap on the filters icon. Here you can select how your offers should be sorted. You can sort offers based on Convoy's recommended loads, loaded miles, pickup date, newest loads, or rate per mile to filter loads for appearing in the offers tab. You can set the minimum or maximum loaded miles, minimum or maximum weight or pickup date. If you do not have a preferred preference on these fields, you can leave them empty.
Once you find an offer you are interested in, you can begin booking loads in the app. Start by selecting an offer. Convoy provides a range of rates that gradually increase as the load gets closer to pickup time. The lowest rate is the Book now option. Tapping Book now will take you to the confirmation screen where you can swipe and book the load. Once confirmed, the app will request that you assign a driver or confirm that you will be the driver. If you want to request a higher rate than the Book Now option, select place a bid. By bidding within the range, your bid is guaranteed to be reviewed by a time indicated in the app. Even if you win a bid, you are able to decline without impacting your scorecard. If you lose a bid to another carrier, convoy will give you feedback on why the bid was lost. Convoy's eager for your feedback. To share your experience with us, tap on the main menu and select Give feedback. For more information on accessing and requesting loads, visit Convoy's Help Center at