A strategy in the spot market with Sammy “MakeCents” Trucker

Carriers46 minutes

You might know Sammy Lloyd from YouTube. When he’s not making educational videos about the industry and his experiences as a driver, he fills the shoes of owner-operator, and we’re lucky enough to have him as our guest today on Convoy Radio.

We’re asking the question, “Who holds the spot market?” and Sammy weighs in on the conversation, sharing his strategies in the spot market, how he views the market right now and how things have changed since 2018.

He talks about the freedom that life on the road brings, having his brother as his co-driver and then he gets serious about booking outbound loads, doing research about what the market is doing and how technology has changed the landscape of the industry. Sammy gives us some practical guidelines for a realistic distance you can cover in a day, how you can cut down on expenses to lower your monthly obligations and a whole lot more!