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With hosts Jake Henderson and Michael Lewis, Convoy Radio connects with a variety of voices from the trucking world. Hear from an owner-operator who built his own trucking company — and get an inside look at the latest in technology, legislative issues, road safety, supply chain management, and more. For Episode 6 of Convoy Radio, […]

Today, in a trucking industry first, Convoy announced that our freight marketplace is automatically matching — without human intervention — 100% of loads to trucks in top markets. These include routes from major West Coast markets such as Seattle, Portland, and Los Angeles; Midwest routes from Chicago, Cincinnati, and Milwaukee; routes from Texas markets such as […]

Each year, the Geekwire Awards celebrate the heart and soul of Seattle’s thriving tech community. Last year, Convoy took home the coveted Startup of the Year award. And this year – at the 10th Anniversary Award ceremony last night- Convoy was recognized as Geekwire’s Next Tech Titan! “This is a huge honor,” Convoy co-founder Grant […]

Dan Lewis, CEO and Co-founder of Convoy, recently chatted with Harry Stebbings on the 20 Minute VC Podcast. Check out the episode here: CLICK TO PLAY CLICK TO LISTEN ON ITUNES They covered a range of topics including: How to think about choosing the right investors and enhancing board chemistry How investors can help build credibility and […]