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There can be any number of reasons an organization is driven to adopt a sustainability platform. Publicly traded companies, for example, may be required to publish an annual report on sustainability initiatives. Other catalysts could include new C-level talent coming on board who have a sustainability mindset or ongoing customer inquiries as to what a […]

Due to the fragmented nature of the trucking industry, Convoy’s digital freight network provides opportunities for shippers and drivers to experience efficiency gains, and it is no different when it comes to sustainability. One area of active research for Convoy is shipment appointment setting, and in this article, we’ll be talking specifically about its impact […]

Today we are announcing our partnership with Sustainable Brands®, a growing global community of passionate individuals who are committed to leveraging environmental and social innovation to deliver exceptional business performance. We are joining more than 70 other companies worldwide committed to leveraging their unique role in business and society to pave the path towards a […]

Shippers are making carbon reduction an explicit aspect of the procurement processes for their supply chain. But when it comes to carbon reduction, real progress requires real transparency.  Better tracking of carbon starts by providing greater transparency on the carbon footprint of services and products. Only by accounting for the full footprint will organizations and […]