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Supply chain visibility gives shippers awareness of how their goods move through a supply chain. This includes tracking each shipment’s location and the facilities it passes through. It also encompasses the aggregation of data that can surface trends and anomalies, and painting the bigger picture of a supply chain’s performance.  The combination of micro and […]

The freight industry is undergoing unprecedented change. Market volatility is forcing transportation teams to adapt more quickly. Rising customer expectations are putting more pressure on supply chain efficiency. And as many businesses increase their focus on environmental impact, logistics teams are being tasked with contributing to the triple bottom line.  Whether your goal is adaptability, […]

In its April 2020 report, Gartner advised supply chain technology leaders to explore digital freight networks and associated technologies to address current challenges and further disruptions to transportation that are caused by COVID-19. According to Gartner analyst Bart De Muynck, “Digital freight networks can help companies that are looking for real-time available capacity or looking […]

Why is June 4-6 one of the most popular times for carriers to take vacations? Hint: It’s not kids starting summer vacation. Each June, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) designates a 72-hour period for “International Roadcheck.” This three-day event is described as “the largest targeted enforcement program on commercial motor vehicles in the world.” […]

Convoy’s product team has worked closely with hundreds of businesses — from domestic glass makers to multi-billion-dollar energy companies — to better understand how we can give you more confidence, control, and knowledge throughout your shipping operations. We found that most organizations have similar challenges when it comes to shipping freight, and every business has […]

The RFP is a key part of the planning process for many high-volume shippers. In this three-part series, we’re going to show how Convoy is providing a unique and better way to get the most out of the RFP process. Please read RFP 2.0 – Improving the Shipper RFP Experience for the introduction and Think […]

The RFP is a key part of the planning process for high-volume shippers. In this three-part series, Convoy is going to present a unique and improved approach for shippers to get the most out of the RFP process. Please read RFP 2.0 – Improving the Shipper RFP Experience for the introduction. In this installment of […]

Top of mind for most companies right now, supply chain sustainability involves a broad scope of activities that start at the point of raw materials and finish when the final product arrives at the end user’s doorstep or dock. At all points along the way there are opportunities to work in a more sustainable manner. […]

The trucking capacity crunch, driver shortage, and electronic logging device (ELD) mandate are working together to create a carrier’s market right now. In a world where carriers can be more selective about who they work with and the business they take on, shippers need to find ways to make their facilities stand out (for good […]

September/October 2018 Market Update We’ve said this before: volatility in the freight market has been unprecedented. Over the last 12 months, hurricanes, tariffs, and electronic logging device (ELD) regulations, combined with ongoing shortages have significantly impacted the freight industry. As a result, many of the traditional methods in supply chain aren’t working anymore. This year, […]