Case Study | Convoy

Over the last 40 years, Southwest Traders, Inc. has grown from a one-van operation to a food distributor and restaurant supply chain with operations in five states, including four facilities and a satellite location in Texas. As the logistics coordinator, Tina Sterling is responsible for the backhauls in California, Texas, Arizona, and Colorado. To keep […]

Learn how Anheuser-Busch optimizes its transportation network, gains new levels of visibility, and improves the driver experience through Convoy. Anheuser-Busch operates 12 major breweries and 11 craft breweries across the country, making it the nation’s leading brewer. In order to get all that beer to market, the company relies on a transportation network that runs […]

Some companies think they have it tough when setting up and orchestrating the delivery networks that shuttle their products from point of origin to end customer, but J.R. Butler faces some especially high hurdles. A commercial glazing contractor in Denver, the company specializes in vertical and sloped glazing, with an emphasis on design-build, fabrication, and […]

This is an excerpt from Making the Case for Freight 2.0 by Logistics Management. Download the complete guide here. When Alex Alegria, supply chain manager at Hilo, Hawaii-based Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water needs to secure a carrier to deliver her company’s naturally alkaline volcanic water to a customer, she logs into the Convoy shipper platform […]

There’s not a lot of forward planning in the wine and beer distribution industries, where 11th-hour phone calls to “deliver glass bottles to a location in Los Angeles tomorrow morning” is a commonly-heard request at Glass Bottles and Co. A maker of glass bottle and packaging, the company knows that storage space is at a […]

Learn how the leading private bottled water manufacturer (Bottled Water co.) in the United States increases the speed of their supply chain with Convoy’s innovative trucking services. For most stores, the average order-to-shelf time is over 7 days for most of their beverage suppliers. For this private bottled water manufacturer, average order-to-shelf is just 3 […]