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You’ve got better things to do than worry about your freight. Our safety and quality standards are among the best in the business, and our technology verifies full compliance across every driver, every load, every day.

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The capacity you need, without sacrificing quality

With Convoy, you can have your cake and eat it, too. Our digital freight network gives you flexible capacity typically associated with brokers, while providing reliability, safety, and quality that exceeds the industry as a whole, including most asset-based carriers.

Lower Crash Rate

Our rigorous quality and compliance approach helps guarantee safety while hauling your freight. The results? Our carrier network has a 16% lower crash rate than the industry.

Lower Cargo Claims-Incident Rate

Convoy is involved in a fraction of cargo claims compared to the industry, helping your freight arrive in the same condition it was loaded.

Carrier Compliance

From before your load is accepted to after it’s dropped off, it’s in the best hands. Our technology automatically verifies safety and quality compliance across our entire network multiple times per day, with instant results.

Setting a New Standard

Convoy is building the industry’s highest-quality digital freight network


Our quality and compliance standards keep the roads safer, and save you headaches by getting your freight delivered on time in the condition it was loaded with fewer claims.

Higher Safety

Our predictive safety model uses machine learning to predict which carriers will get into accidents, creating the nation’s safest carrier network with a 16% lower crash rate vs. the industry average. We use automation technology to verify these high standards, ensuring we have the safest network at all times.

Better Insurance

All carriers in our digital freight network are required to have insurance from reputable underwriters with at least a B+ rating, covering automobile liability and motor truck cargo liability insurance, plus workers’ compensation. We require every carrier to be insured, and work with Registry Monitoring Insurance Services (RMIS) to continuously monitor coverage.

Verified Operating Authority

When you ship with our digital freight network, rest assured carriers who haul Convoy loads must meet rigorous requirements for tax documentation, proof of operating authority, and safety scores, to name a few. We differentiate between intrastate and interstate authority and only allow carriers to search for, bid on, and accept loads in the geographic region where their authority is active. We also fight fraud through data matching and dual-factor authentication.

“Convoy is head and shoulders better than any broker I’ve audited.”

Auditor from a large fossil fuels company


“Not only does Convoy find us the most reliable trucks for our shipments, they also provide valuable data and insights that help us improve our supply chain performance.”

Procurement Director from a leading manufacturer in the energy industry

Turn your risk into opportunity with Convoy

Risk is an inherent part of shipping. Convoy aims to help you mitigate risk through our high standards, and we also present real upsides benefiting your peace of mind and bottom line. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Reduced risk of accidents in your supply chain, along with associated costs from legal fees, settlements, and insurance rate hikes
  • Mitigated service and reputation risks through fewer delays and missed pickups or drop-offs
  • Higher-quality carrier base: carriers who achieve the highest scores from our safety and quality screening tend to also be the most efficient, on-time, and professional



The Hidden Costs of Booking the Cheapest Carrier
In this 45-minute webinar, learn how carrier safety and compliance affects your bottom line, questions you should ask your freight service providers to assess quality and compliance, and best practices in carrier compliance management.

White Paper

Innovation in Transportation Management
We partnered with CSCMP to write about the risks of not innovating in your supply chain, and the return on investment you can realize when you do.


The best part? All this technology and high-standards vetting comes standard with every Convoy shipment. Try adding our digital freight network as a carrier and see how Convoy helps you save time, save money, and ship responsibly.

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