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“As we talked to Convoy a year and half ago about growing in our network, we told them up front that one of the barriers was around being able to provide us trailers,” Cassity said. “They put together a power-only program where they bring in extra trailers. Drivers do not have to wait to be loaded, as we can pre-load the extra trailers in advance. That program was unique to Convoy as a broker.”
Supply Chain Director at Owens Corning Read More
“Over the past two years, we’ve been able to significantly increase the frequency of our production runs. Because of that, we’ve never had a situation where we’ve needed dedicated trucking capacity, but now we’re at a stage where we want more control and flexibility in our supply chain, especially as it relates to sustainability. Now we own all of the emissions. With Convoy, we can grab the capacity as needed knowing that it’s part of a larger, efficient ecosystem.”
Chief Operating Officer at Dropps Read More
"COVID-19 tested the agility in our supply chain. It’s been disruptive to a lot of people, and we have to be there for our consumers and ensure our customers are able to go to the grocery store and find their favorite beer at the right time. Where Convoy helps is being that partner that is still delivering, still meeting expectations and still coming to us with ideas for improvement. We expect them to challenge us and bring us new ideas and new thoughts about how we can improve."
Vice President of Sustainability, Logistics, SVC and Capabilities Procurement at Anheuser-Busch
“With our advanced home appliance production technology in place, we needed a supply chain solution to match. We looked to Convoy due to their ability to provide real-time data-driven insights combined with innovative programs that drive better performance.”
Supply Chain Vice President at LG Electronics USA
“Our partnership with Convoy has been a collaboration from the start. Their ability to share valuable data and collaborate on how we can improve our business has been extremely helpful. This coupled with real-time pricing and innovative new programs, such as Convoy Go, are helping us to respond proactively to changing market dynamics.”
Transportation Manager at Unilever
“There is a real lack of diversity and diversity of thought in this industry. Convoy is an exception to this. I was very impressed with the diversity of people and thought embedded in their culture and business model.”
Human Resources Vice President at The Home Depot
“Our relationship with Convoy has continued to evolve since first starting working with them in 2017. Throughout our relationship, the benefits of data and automation tied with their innovative approach to the challenges within the freight industry have uncovered new solutions to help us meet the demands of our network. This gives our team more time to focus on other opportunities through the partnership – ensuring we can continue to transport and deliver our brands in the most efficient and sustainable way possible.”
Sr. Director Procurement at Anheuser-Busch Read More
“Simply fast and reliable transportation made easy for your shipping needs. The information available before, during, and after each shipment is truly mind-blowing.”
Logistics Coordinator at GE Appliances
By getting out of the emails and having to babysit every load, now we’re looking two weeks in advance—we’re that far ahead—and looking at orders that are going to be a challenge. Convoy allows us to be smarter about what we’re doing.
Operations Manager, Encore Glass Read More
“Convoy has continually provided value with innovative programs aimed to improve our overall operations. For example, Convoy Go (drop program), has given us another level of flexibility and efficiency by streamlining and reducing wait times at shipping and receiving locations. Their overall approach is more than just brokering freight, it’s truly strategic, collaborating with both shippers and carriers to create a winning scenario for all involved.”
Manager at Transportation Sourcing North America
We try to partner with our customers to let them know if they order in the full truckload range they can get their loads a lot faster. Sometimes they’ll place five smaller purchase orders, and we have to wait until we get the fifth one to make a full truck. Convoy is helping us understand how to combine those loads and giving us automated triggers so we can go to our customers with the data and say ‘if you give us these orders in this time frame, we can do xyz.’
Director of Supply Chain and Logistics at Waiākea Read More
"One of the unique things about Convoy is we get specific feedback around our service centers and supply chain points,” added Brehovsky. “When we kicked off the partnership, we found there were some locations where drivers were experiencing longer than what we would consider acceptable waiting times. We were able to take that feedback from those drivers and look at those supply chain points within our network and actually reduce driver waiting time.”
Director of Customer Solutions at CHEP North America Read More
“It has been a pleasure to work with my Account Manager and the crew at Convoy. Their rates are extremely competitive in the market today and the website is a great help in staying informed on all of my loads.”
Transportation Manager at ScottsMiracle-Gro
“Convoy’s mission aligns with our corporate goals focused on sustainability, namely a Zero Waste World. By collectively addressing the challenge of empty miles within the industry, we are not only streamlining our business but are contributing to a more sustainable world. We are excited to partner with Convoy on this initiative.”
Vice President of Logistics at CHEP North America
“Through Convoy’s massive network in the US, we are able to reduce inefficiency and waste by matching the right carrier with the right load in a really, really unique way.”
CEO & Co-Founder at Waiakea
“We've been working with Convoy for a month and they've already shown us they're resourceful and seek out solutions to any problem and will meet any obstacle.”
Transportation Manager at Vital Proteins
“I’ve never had a broker or an asset carrier come to me and say ‘what would you do to change this?’ or ‘how can we go about making your day easier to deal with?’ Convoy is constantly trying to find ways to make things better for us.”
Shipping Supervisor at Carlisle SynTec
“Convoy has been nothing short of exceptional in helping our company manage our ever changing transportation needs. The main benefits of using Convoy are their live online platform, instant pricing, and very attentive customer service. I highly recommend Convoy to anyone who is seeking high quality, transparent, and reliable transportation.”
Operations Manager at Flowspace
“Setting up with Convoy was very easy and streamlined. We started slow, but quickly Convoy has become a trusted partner in our logistics network. With upfront pricing, continuous updates on loads, and ability to track loads through their portal, knowing where your shipments are at any time is easy and painless process. Their Customer service staff is very good, they quickly handle any issues and are very responsive to communications.”
Supply Chain Manager at Maple Hill Organic
“The visibility tools are pretty key. Convoy is further ahead in the game than a lot of legacy providers in terms of geofencing and being able to show you detention or if someone is getting held up. Convoy also ranks which plants and suppliers are doing well.”
Commodity Buyer, Transportation & Logistics at Faurecia
“Using Convoy allows us to be very agile and nimble. We’re constantly trying to optimize how inventory shifts from one warehouse to another, which will be a never-ending process. It’s all about benefiting the customer by delivering the most valuable product at the best possible price.”
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Mohawk Group Read More
“We know that lead time equals dollars and that it’s important to be as flexible as we can with our truckload shipments, but even in last-minute scenarios, Convoy’s platform has made us much more efficient. In the Convoy platform carriers have two hours to respond to a tender. Most carriers respond in 45 minutes or under, and our best carriers respond in 10 minutes or under.”
Transportation and Supply Chain Manager at General Insulation Corporation Read More
“Convoy’s Lane Network gives me custom information about the lanes I run. I was able to see that Northern California to Nevada has volatile prices, and lock in rates early. This helped me save money and protect against seasonality. Convoy gives me the types of insights I can’t get from any other partner.”
Logistics Manager at Truco Enterprises
“By working with Convoy and leveraging their digital freight network we have been able to reduce our overall transportation costs. We've been able to accomplish this by reducing the time it takes to secure, track and complete shipments while benefiting from competitive real-time rates.”
Senior Transportation Buyer at Land O’Lakes
“Convoy’s large support team and quick response time has cut out the anxiety of waiting for a coverage confirmation from a slow broker. They have also simplified my life by providing access to real-time updates for all of my orders through an easy to use web platform. You are not left in the dark with Convoy.”
Logistics Analyst at Treasury Wine Estates
“Convoy has a quick and easy to use platform that has improved our processes greatly. Their rates are fair and the staff have been great to work with. Looking forward to working with Convoy moving forward.”
Distribution Specialist at Glory Bee
“For years, I have had issues with my carrier but ever since switching to Convoy my headaches have gone away. My package goods always arrive on time, my shipping costs are significantly lower, and their customer service is top notch!”
Operations Manager at Nelson Petroleum
“Using Convoy has allowed our team to reduce administrative costs. I love being able to track shipments in real time through the Convoy website and update our customers accordingly. If we ever have questions or need help, their team is responsive and friendly.”
Senior Supply Chain Manager at Garick LLC
“I can tell right away if an option is going to be cost-effective for us and then I can go ahead and book a load and usually get confirmation on a truck fairly quickly.”
Logistics Coordinator at Southwest Traders, Inc.
We heard about Convoy’s efforts delivering donations across the U.S. to food banks and immediately thought of them as a partner that could help us provide dairy to families in need. We were impressed with how quickly Convoy was able to step in and seamlessly pick up the milk donated by Borden Dairy in Dallas and deliver it to the mobile food distribution site that day. We decided we were ready to expand our partnership when we saw how efficiently our organizations worked together, and we knew we could make a difference on a much broader scale to support other food banks in our region.
CEO at DairyMax
In this unprecedented time of crisis, finding innovative ways to immediately help our communities feels more important than ever. We are pleased to join forces with Convoy to share what resources we have with the people who benefit the greatest. We hope others in a similar position are able to take advantage of this opportunity to make a positive difference.
Transportation Procurement at Land o Lakes


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