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Shipper Platform FAQ


How do I reset my password? 

Go to and enter your email address, we will send you a link to reset your password. 

I have a question, who can help me? 

Check out this Getting Started Guide which is a step by step how-to on all that the Shipper Platform has to offer. If this doesn’t help you answer your question, email or call (206)971-1237 and our team will help you out. 


What is the Market Supply Index? 

The Market Supply Index (MSI) is a leading indicator for how easily you can book truck at the market rate. We calculate it based on Convoy’s accumulated data of the market. If the MSI says the market is challenging, supply is tight and carriers are in high demand. If the MSI says the market is excellent, there is excess capacity and drivers are readily available.

Who writes the ‘Expert Analysis’? 

We have an internal team of experts that curates this analysis for you. They look at web and news sources as well as internal data sources to give you a robust picture of the market. 


Is this rate guaranteed? 

If you book your load immediately, for the dates and times inputted, the rate is guaranteed. 

What affects the price I see? 

A variety of information is ingested into our pricing algorithm to determine the rate. The date and time of the shipment, truck type and accessorials all impact the price.  

What is the best time for me to get the lowest price? 

You will see the best rate if you pull a quote for a shipment picking up 24 hours out, with no accessorials. 

Is the rate online your best rate? 

The rate you see here is our “book now” instant pricing rate— we guarantee coverage once it’s booked. If you want a more stable rate, you can always request to lock in a contract rate and we will work with you to find cost-saving opportunities through volume and project pricing. 


Do I have to fill out the whole ‘New Shipment’ page to get a rate? 

Nope! You can also go to the “Get a Quote” page to get an instant quote on your lane. 

What happens after I hit ‘Book Shipment’? 

Once you hit ‘Book Shipment’ Convoy will take it from there. Our technology immediately starts sourcing a driver for pickup and tracks the progress of the load. You can follow all of this in the ‘My Shipments’ page. 

Is there a way to copy information from an old shipment? 

Yes, you can click ‘Start from a previous shipment’ and find the load you want to duplicate. Once located, the shipment page will populate with all of the information from the original shipment, making your job much easier. 

I don’t see a rate populating for the shipment I built, why? 

You need to fill out all necessary shipment information to receive a rate. Make sure you have the following information entered:

  • Pickup and delivery address
  • Weight of the shipment
  • Truck type
  • Pickup and delivery dates and times

Once all of this information is submitted you will see a rate in the top right corner. You can review this Getting Started Guide for a step by step walkthrough. 


Where are these ETAs coming from? 

Most of the ETAs you see are sourced via the driver’s GPS when they are app using. We aim to have 100% of our drivers on the app but in the event that they are not, we have a team monitoring loads 24/7 and manually recording ETAs.  

What is in the alerts tab?

This shows any shipment that has a late ETA to its next stop. 

What is the difference between the Active and Upcoming tabs? 

The Active tab shows any shipment that is currently en-route or picking up within 24 hours. The Upcoming tab shows any load that is picking up more than 24 hours out. 


What do the tags next to the rates mean? 

  • On file – Everyday Program price 
  • Contract – A contract rate with Convoy that is published in the contract pricing tool
  • No tag – a dynamic, instant rate, the same price you know today from the quote tool

How often is the seasonality updated? 

This data is updated on an ongoing basis. The seasonality chart helps you understand the tradeoffs between buying now versus later.  

How do I add lanes into Lane Network? 

Every time you quote or book a load on a certain lane it will be auto-added into your lane network. You can also add your lanes individually or send over a CSV of your lane guide and we will set it up for you.