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Convoy has built the nation’s largest network of tech-enabled truckers, with upfront pricing and real-time GPS tracking on all shipments.

“I’ve never had a broker or an asset carrier come to me and say ‘what would you do to change this?’ or ‘how can we go about making your day easier to deal with?’ Convoy is constantly trying to find ways to make things better for us.”
Jeremy Fixler Shipping Supervisor, Carlisle SynTec Read More
“A few years ago, if someone had asked me which of our locations do drivers prefer working with over others, we only had our internal data to tell the story. Now, we can use Convoy’s driver-centric data and insights to get the answers to those questions and understand how those experiences are causing challenges for all our partners.”
Chris Pickett Senior Director of Logistics, Anheuser-Busch Read More
“Convoy’s Lane Network gives me custom information about the lanes I run. I was able to see that Northern California to Nevada has volatile prices, and lock in rates early. This helped me save money and protect against seasonality. Convoy gives me the types of insights I can’t get from any other partner.”
Chris West Logistics Manager, Truco Enterprises
“Simply fast and reliable transportation made easy for your shipping needs. The information available before, during, and after each shipment is truly mind-blowing.”
Blasa Bullock Logistics Coordinator, GE
“We don't have to wait to get quotes back for our larger shipments, which are always our large customers. A lot of them order anywhere from four to six full truckloads a month. To have to wait two or three days for an actual quote, and then go through a negotiation process, can take a week before we can actually ship something. Whereas with a digital freight marketplace, I can just get the rate, book it, and everything is set up. I don't have to worry about it, and everything is mapped along the way. I know exactly what I'm getting.”
Alex Alegria Supply Chain Manager, Waiakea Springs Read More
“Convoy’s platform is the future of 3PL booking. The website is easy to maneuver, the truckload rates are competitive and their success rate is second to none. I was skeptical considering they’re a relatively new company, but I couldn’t be more satisfied.”
Jake Hanson Purchasing and Logistics Manager, Sherman Plastics Corp.
“We are very impressed with Convoy’s approach to technology-enabled trucking services. Equally as important, we share a focus on driver health and well-being. Convoy has put the driver experience at the forefront of their proposition and delivered a progressive app to address many of the long-standing issues facing the driver community. We are excited to build out this partnership.”
Reginaldo Ecclissato Senior Vice President, Unilever Supply Chain Americas
“Convoy is innovating the trucking industry like never before. Don’t risk waiting another minute without giving them a try.”
Camille Chammas VP Procurement, Unilever – North America & LATAM
“Convoy has been nothing short of exceptional in helping our company manage our ever changing transportation needs. The main benefits of using Convoy are their live online platform, instant pricing, and very attentive customer service. I highly recommend Convoy to anyone who is seeking high quality, transparent, and reliable transportation.”
Oscar Granda Operations Manager, Flowspace
“Convoy’s large support team and quick response time has cut out the anxiety of waiting for a coverage confirmation from a slow broker. They have also simplified my life by providing access to real-time updates for all of my orders through an easy to use web platform. You are not left in the dark with Convoy.”
Taylor Summers Logistics Analyst, Treasury Wine Estates
“With a digital freight marketplace, we get competitive costs that are not only within reason, but that also cover the load based on what the carriers are committing to. One of the challenges we sometimes run into is that a carrier will say ‘Yes, I can do this load for $1,000.’ Then it comes back six weeks later and wants $1,400. Sometimes it's legit because the market changes, but there seems to be a lot more of this happening, at least from our perspective. By using a digital freight marketplace, we can work around this issue and gain confidence not only because we’re leveraging the technology, but also because we’re getting the same service that we would normally get from an asset provider or 3PL.”
Jason Wicklund Senior Transportation Buyer, Land ‘O Lakes Inc. Read More
“In this industry, it’s so important that we’re able to keep our customers’ shelves full. Convoy provides us with the trucking services needed to fulfill these orders faster than our competition, while at the same time helping us keep costs down.”
Direct to Store Operations Manager, Bottled Water Co. Read More
“Not only does Convoy find us the most reliable trucks for our shipments, they also provide valuable data and insights that help us improve our supply chain performance.”
Emilio Dolci Procurement Director, Exiros USA / Tenaris
“Setting up with Convoy was very easy and streamlined. We started slow, but quickly Convoy has become a trusted partner in our logistics network. With upfront pricing, continuous updates on loads, and ability to track loads through their portal, knowing where your shipments are at any time is easy and painless process. Their Customer service staff is very good, they quickly handle any issues and are very responsive to communications.”
Jason Meacher Supply Chain Manager, Maple Hill Organic
“I choose Convoy for multiple reasons. To start with, compatible rates and I can count on excellent customer service and a personalized rep. Not to mention the Convoy Website is my new best friend where I can get all the information that I need, such as driver ETA for pickups or deliveries. I can also get proof of deliveries without having to wait for an email reply. For all of these reasons, Convoy is now our main carrier for multiple lines.”
Benita Gonzalez Logistics Coordinator, Popcornopolis
“After many missed or late deliveries from our previous freight company, we decided to reach out and find a new source. Couldn’t be happier with the service and response we’ve gotten with Convoy. So now, with no hesitation what so ever, I can gladly say ‘Looks Like We Got Us A Convoy!’”
Don Anderson Purchasing and Dispatch, Nelson Petroleum
“For years, I have had issues with my carrier but ever since switching to Convoy my headaches have gone away. My package goods always arrive on time, my shipping costs are significantly lower, and their customer service is top notch!”
Tyler Bryant Operations Manager, Nelson Petroleum
“Convoy's platform is very easy to use and I like the visibility and tracking it provides!”
Scott Vanderstelt Traffic Manager, Pipp Mobile Storage Systems
“It has been a pleasure to work with my Account Manager and the crew at Convoy. Their rates are extremely competitive in the market today and the website is a great help in staying informed on all of my loads.”
Tim Whiteman Transportation Manager, Scotts Miracle-Gro
“We've been working with Convoy for a month and they've already shown us they're resourceful and seek out solutions to any problem and will meet any obstacle.”
Salene Jin Transportation Manager, Vital Proteins
“Convoy has a quick and easy to use platform that has improved our processes greatly. Their rates are fair and the staff have been great to work with. Looking forward to working with Convoy moving forward.”
Nolan Willoughby Distribution Specialist, Glory Bee
“Using Convoy has allowed our team to reduce administrative costs. I love being able to track shipments in real time through the Convoy website and update our customers accordingly. If we ever have questions or need help, their team is responsive and friendly.”
Karen Stetner Senior Supply Chain Manager, Garick LLC
“Using a digital freight marketplace, my CSRs are actually pumping out more orders. So far this year, our company has had record-setting sales months, and that's due to a number of different factors. However, the fact that my customer service team can service our customers and our sales reps with more time and in a less frantic, ‘I’ve got to keep an eyeball on the truck’ approach has allowed us to be a little more versatile and provide a level of service that our competitors can’t.”
Logistics Manager, Glass Bottles and Co. Read More
“Convoy's intuitive shipper portal makes it simple to book truckloads at competitive rates; they're communicative throughout the process and are quick to respond should any questions or issues arise.”
Amanda Gertz Operations Manager, Blue Dog Bakery
“Convoy’s timely response to our many quote requests coupled with their very competitive rates, has saved us a lot of money. We also know where our loads are at all times with their proactive tracking e-mails.”
Shirley Hochstein Logistics Manager, Satellite Industries
“I can tell right away if an option is going to be cost-effective for us and then I can go ahead and book a load and usually get confirmation on a truck fairly quickly.”
Tina Sterling Logistics Coordinator, Southwest Traders, Inc. Read More

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