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White papers & research

NEW: 2022 Freight Insights Report

Supply chain leaders described 2022 as a year of extremes, with one of the fastest market flips we’ve ever seen. Will the market cycle back just as fast? Get ahead of it with cost-cutting facility insights from our new 2022 Freight Insights Report.

A Safety Net for Tender Rejection

With the tight market showing no signs of softening, logistics leaders need a safety net for rejected tenders. In this paper, learn about how backup and spot can fit into your transportation strategy, and how Convoy can provide flexible capacity to meet your needs for any environment.

Supply Chain Visibility and the Digital Freight Network

Leading shippers know the importance of operational visibility, but many lose track of their freight as soon as it leaves the dock. In this paper, learn how network insights help shippers optimize spend, improve facility performance, reduce carbon emissions, and become a shipper of choice.

A New Approach to Primary Freight

The RFP is a freight procurement cornerstone, but it creates an expensive zero-sum game that pits shippers against carriers. In this white paper, learn about Convoy’s Guaranteed Primary program: a better way to RFP that lowers your transportation costs, with 100% tender acceptance.

Five Fundamentals of Supply Chain Resilience

Logistics is a high-pressure field. In the absence of stability, teams must build resilient supply chains that can operate in any market condition. In this white paper, learn about five key ways shippers can secure such reliable and flexible capacity with a digital freight network.

How Every Shipper Can Benefit From Modern Drop-And-Hook

Technological advancements have paved the way for a new era of drop-and-hook. In this white paper, learn four things you should expect from a modern drop provider and how drop can benefit any company shipping more than 250 loads annually.


Five ways to prepare for seasonal surges

Juggling the unpredictable weather, rising inventories, seasonal surges, and shrinking carrier capacity can be a headache for transportation teams, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We share our tricks for managing seasonal freight, so you can be #readyforanything in the season ahead.

Adapting to freight market softening with dynamic pricing

Leading indicators point to freight market softening. As truck prices and tender rejection rates continue to decline, transportation teams are hopping into the driver’s seat to snap up cost savings. Learn how you, too, can save time and money with dynamic pricing programs.

Unblocking facility bottlenecks using on-demand insights

Feeling overwhelmed piecing together a transit plan that takes into account carrier schedules, facility hours, and other operational realities for all partners in your supply chain? Learn how Convoy’s got you covered with our next-gen facility insights.

Q3 2022 Freight Market Update

In this quarterly Freight Market Update, get the pulse on the current macroeconomic trends and their impact on freight, what’s top of mind for Fortune 500 shippers, and the best planning tips for the peak season.

Optimize your supply chain operations

A Convoy shipper realized a 60% reduction in dwell time, a 57% reduction in excess transit, and a 69% reduction in incidental spend in 4 weeks. Watch the webinar to learn how Convoy’s next-gen facility insights made that possible.

Five drop-and-hook innovations enabling Fortune 500 teams

With the approaching holidays and more pricing power, shippers like you have the opportunity to evaluate additional ways to get access to elastic capacity, save costs (to meet end-of-year budgets), and improve service levels. One route you can try? Flexible drop-and-hook.

Case studies

Anheuser-Busch’s sustainability challenge: 20 million empty miles

More than ever, the world’s largest and most sophisticated shippers are using logistics technology to drive efficiencies in their supply chains and meet corporate sustainability goals. In this case study, learn how Convoy helps drive asset utilization in A-B’s private fleet.

Leaning in at Owens Corning

Learn how Convoy helped Corning continue to embrace digital innovation in its supply chain ensuring dependable, timely delivery, with high service levels. Corning has embraced cultural and digital transformation as the company seeks to do business in a more inclusive way.

Waiākea’s supply chain unlocks sustainable growth

Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic Water was created not only to be an ethically sourced premium water brand, but to change the consumer packaged goods industry from the inside out. In this case study, learn how Waiākea and Convoy partnered to help achieve its sustainability goals.

How CHEP’s unique pallet data drives sustainability for its partners

CHEP’s iconic blue pallet is not just a product offered to customers—it’s also a unique source of data that helps eliminate waste across CHEP’s network of partners. In this case study, learn how CHEP’s Zero Waste World platform lets customers reduce empty miles together.

Inside General Insulation Company’s decentralized, tech-enabled supply chain

Companies in the industrial supply chain with decentralized distribution models are deploying advanced tech to make their operations more efficient. In this case study, learn how Convoy eliminated the need for General Insulation Company to purchase a complex, expensive TMS.

Mohawk Group Holdings reinvents consumer packaged goods for the digital age

E-commerce is growing faster than ever, and it’s increasingly critical that retailers and CPG companies have extremely flexible and responsive supply chains. In this case study, learn about how Mohawk partnered with Convoy to optimize their supply chain with big data and automation.

Analyst reports

Convoy’s Digital Freight Network Continues to Build Carrier Capacity and Drive Sustainability

Armstrong and Associates (A&A) is an internationally recognized key information resource for 3PL market research and consulting. A&A President Evan Armstrong and Associate Cheri Grabowski published a detailed case study on Convoy’s strategy, business model and key offerings.

Automated On-Demand Freight Brokerage Company of the Year 2020 Award

Convoy was awarded the Frost and Sullivan Company of the Year for its automated, on-demand digital freight network. Convoy was selected for its ability to demonstrate excellence in growth, innovation, and leadership and show superior performance in three key areas—demand generation, brand development, and competitive positioning.

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