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Transporting cannabis with Green Med Lab’s Tyler Peterson

It is an interesting time in America for cannabis transportation. This industry presents a huge opportunity for transportation companies willing to navigate an emerging market. But, when it comes to licensing, tax, and the transportation of cannabis, each state has its own legal body overseeing its operations. Our guest on today’s show is Tyler Peterson. Tyler is the General Manager of Green Med Lab, a company that produces edibles and cannabis-infused beverages. Tyler works to get Green Med Lab’s projects set up state-wide and deals with the ins and outs of cannabis transportation on a daily basis. From the grower, to the processor, to the retail store, in this episode, you’ll learn more about the current hemp and cannabis supply chain. You’ll gain insight into the nitty-gritty of licensing, tax, and security on cannabis products, as well as an inside look into the cannabis black market. The views and opinions expressed in this episode of Convoy Radio are those of the show hosts and their guests and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Convoy, Inc.

Short Haul: Drag Racing Iron Giants

This is going to be an interesting episode because we are giving you a Convoy Radio Short Haul on truck drag racing and we’re not talking about Ford F-150s – we’re talking about big rigs! The Convoy Radio crew gets into what exactly truck drag racing is, covering where it originated, the different classes of trucks, the weight of the loads, and the massive top speeds these iron giants reach. We also get into a variation of truck drag racing called The Bandit Big Rig Series. In this event, you have smaller, tailor-made rigs that compete on a circuit track. You’ll hear more about the rigs themselves, and how the tournaments are structured, too. Hit the play button and join us in our appreciation of these smoke-billowing, turbocharged iron giants.

Haunted Roads in the U.S.

Today’s episode is getting real spooky because not only are we recording in an unfamiliar location, but we’re also talking about the most haunted roads in the U.S. Halloween is here and we’re listing our top five most spooky roads in the country and sharing the experiences of those who have seen and heard of the freaky ghosts, ghouls and other creatures that roam the area! Driving on Route 44 in Massachusetts might bring you face to face with the lumberjack hitchhiker, while you might spot the boy under the bridge on Clinton Road in New Jersey. We also share some hairy stories about hybrid animals and then we tell you about a personal experience at Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery. Whether you are by yourself or in a group, having a run-in with an apparition is no laughing matter — unless, of course, the laughter comes from a paranormal presence in your car radio. Join us for this episode to find out which roads you need to be steering clear of this Halloween!

Fitness and Trucking, with Siphiwe Baleka

On today’s episode, the Convoy Radio crew chats with Siphiwe Baleka, the founder of Fitness Trucking, LLC and Driver Health and Fitness Coach at Prime Inc., a commercial trucking company based in Springfield, MO. Before earning his commercial drivers license, Siphiwe was a nationally ranked high school swimmer, failing to qualify for the 1992 US Olympic Swimming Trials by just 0.8 seconds in the 100 freestyle. Fast forward to 2008 when Siphiwe had been driving commercially for just two months and gained 15 lbs. At that moment, he realized the need to promote a healthy lifestyle for the 86% of truck drivers who are overweight. Alongside hosts Jake and Michael, Siphiwe talks about fitness in trucking and lays out the main methods he advises around diet, movement and sleep that can make a significant impact in battling health problems and obesity.

Technology and Trucking 2.0 with Grant Goodale

In our latest episode of Convoy Radio, Convoy Chief Technology Officer Grant Goodale joins hosts Jake and Michael to talk about technology in trucking and the current landscape we see in the industry. We unpack why it could be called the golden age of tech in trucking right now, as well as look at why trucking has taken a while to catch up to some other industries that seem to have adopted new technologies a little faster. The conversation covers some of the major advances in the industry and transportation economy and how these have been incorporated and affected the trucking profession. We speak about safety, convenience, communication, routing and more. For all of this and a whole lot more, make sure you join us today, on Convoy Radio!

The Story Behind Citizen Band Radios

Today on Convoy Radio we are talking about CB Radios! That’s right we are getting down and dirty about Citizen Band and sharing all of our memories and knowledge on the subject. Inside this episode, we discuss radio slang and the code terms used on the airwaves before looking back at the history and origin of the technology and how it has been used over the years.

Supporting and Empowering Women in the Trucking Industry, with Ellen Voie

Today on Convoy Radio we are joined by Ellen Voie, founder and CEO of Women in Trucking Association (WIT), a non-profit organization focused on the transportation and logistics industry. They stand for building a community that encourages the employment of women in the trucking industry, promotes their accomplishments, and minimizes obstacles faced by women working in this industry. Prior to her current role as President and CEO of WIT Ellen worked in traffic and transportation management doing consulting for carriers, licensing and truck permitting. Inside this episode, Ellen shares more about her history in transportation and how she first came to work in the trucking industry. We also dive into the incredible trucking initiatives that WIT have pursued on behalf of the Girl Scouts organization, the challenges that women in the trucking industry face, along with some enlightening statistics about women truck drivers. For some incredible insights into the life of women in trucking, be sure to tune in to today’s episode!

Short Hauls: The History of the Trucker Hat

Today we are back for another Convoy short haul to talk about the history of the trucker hat. Most of us have worn trucker hats at some point in our lives, but now we’ve seen the trend spread to everyone from Justin Timberlake to Ashton Kutcher. The trucker hats are a very simple concept with the foam front company logo and the mesh breathable back. But the background of these trucker hats is incredible. Truckers didn’t always wear trucker hats. From the 1930s to 1960s, truckers were provided with these types of peaked cap, which were known then as mechanics hats. They were then adopted during the 1950s by the greaser subculture. Eventually, the trucker hat evolved as part of a standard uniform for the company that truckers worked for. Inside this episode Jake and Michael dive even further into the history of the trucker hat and how it has evolved over the years. We also investigate the idea of trucker hats being used as a unique form of marketing directly to their target audiences. From the milkman to greasers to free advertising, stay tuned to hear it all in today’s short haul.

Short Hauls: Celebrating National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

This week we are doing a quick and fun short-haul in aid of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. We are taking this opportunity to say thank you all the drivers out there, who put in long hours and get things where they need to be. We really appreciate each and every one of you! There is a lot that drivers have to endure, days away from home, long journeys, other motorists and more, so it is important to give thanks at a time like this and we want to do our part. In this episode, we look at some fun ways to celebrate and the creative method that Maverick Transportation has been doing it for the last few years. We also mention what we will be doing throughout the week to drum up some awareness of this celebration! So here’s to all the drivers, you are all very near and dear to our hearts, keep it up. Join us for this essential celebration of those we often take for granted! Happy National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2019!

The Economics of the Freight Industry with Aaron Terrazas

Our topic today is economics – one that feels way over our heads. That’s why we made the wise decision to get Aaron Terrazas and Aviad Benzikry who are experts in the field to lead the conversation on this front. Aaron is an economist while Aviad deals with product marketing at Convoy, and both joined the company at a similar time earlier this year. Today on the podcast we discuss the newsworthy events of the last few weeks, including the reported shortage of truck drivers and the scandal that involved a DPS worker being bribed to give out fake commercial driving licenses. We then dive into the freight recession of the past eight months, talking about how this both predicts and affects the larger US economy, what the main indicators are and what can be done to induce the expansion phase. Aaron and Aviad talk about the research they have done on empty miles and share their findings of the different ways in which it happens, why it is so tricky to get exact numbers, how it impacts the market and how technology has come a long way to begin solving these problems for us. In conclusion, we raise the owner-operator debate and get our guests to weigh in on the matter.

A Strategy in the Spot Market with Sammy Lloyd

You might know Sammy Lloyd from YouTube. When he’s not making educational videos about the industry and his experiences as a driver, he fills the shoes of owner-operator, and we’re lucky enough to have him as our guest today. We’re asking the question, “Who holds the spot market?” and Sammy weighs in on the conversation, sharing his strategies in the spot market, how he views the market right now and how things have changed since 2018. He talks about the freedom that life on the road brings, having his brother as his co-driver and then he gets serious about booking outbound loads, doing research about what the market is doing and how technology has changed the landscape of the industry. Sammy gives us some practical guidelines for a realistic distance you can cover in a day, how you can cut down on expenses to lower your monthly obligations and a whole lot more!

Episode 10: Inside CDL instructor Dave Dein’s quest to develop the next generation of truck drivers

CDL instructor Dave Dein discusses one of the nation’s first high school truck driving programs at Patterson High School in California.

Episode 9: The 2019 State of Freight with transportation veteran Ryan Soskin

Industry guru Ryan Soskin joins the show to talk about the current state of the freight market halfway through 2019.

Episode 8: How Stephanie Trejo grew her family business from 2 to 12 trucks

Tremmar Freight Services’s Stephanie Trejo shares her journey as managing director of the family trucking business.

Episode 7: Trucking State of the Union with Will “Lil Dawg” Kling

Trucker and YouTube personality Will “Lil Dawg” Kling discusses how truck drivers can use social media to move the industry in a positive direction.

Episode 6: What’s the deal with the DRIVE-Safe Act?

Convoy Director of Quality and Compliance Lorin Seeks dives into the DRIVE-Safe Act and discuss how it impacts drivers and business owners.

Episode 5: Understanding Freight Futures with pricing strategist Michael Carroll

Convoy Head of Contract Revenue Michael Carroll takes hosts Jake and Michael through the ins and outs of freight futures.

Episode 4: Proverbs from the road with legendary trucker Steve Crawford

Lifelong trucker Steve Crawford joins the show and shares his stories and wisdom from over 50 years on the road.

Episode 3: Talking Trucking with Convoy CEO Dan Lewis

Convoy CEO Dan Lewis talks about starting his own company and how transparency and technology are changing the trucking industry.

Episode 2: An Economics Lesson with Dr. Anne Goodchild

University of Washington freight transportation expert Dr. Anne Goodchild joins the show to talk public parking areas for truck drivers, sustainable freight transportation systems and more.

Episode 1: Owning the Road with Steve Gordon

Trucking executive Steve Gordon joins the show and talks about growing up in a trucking family, how deregulation affected the trucking industry and selling Gordon Trucking in 2013.

Episode 0: Introducing Convoy Radio

Introducing Convoy Radio, a podcast that brings you trucking news and interviews with transportation industry leaders.

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