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Building the future of freight

Our product, engineering, data, and design teams work together to solve the biggest problems in trucking. From creating a mobile app that works with varying levels of cell service to using machine learning to respond to changing variables in pricing, our work is changing the way an entire industry operates.


Getting involved in culture at Convoy has been incredibly rewarding and pushed me to grow in ways I didn’t expect. I moderate a diversity and inclusion discussion group, and I helped launch a group for the women in data, design, engineering, and product.

Miranda Van Minnen, Software Engineer

Product Management

Matching the right truck to the right load is one of the most expensive and manual steps in a traditional brokerage. Many people thought it couldn’t be solved in an automated way because of the complexity. It took us 3 years, and in January 2019, we announced that we had reached 100% automated matching.

Ziad Ismail, Chief Product Officer

Data Science

‘Recover quickly’ is my favorite Convoy value because of what it indirectly represents. Making a mistake is not a total loss. At Convoy, I have the autonomy to make decisions, think creatively, and work quickly without the pressure of perfection. Having an environment that’s open to failures and supportive of recovering rapidly allows me to be most productive, while learning from my mistakes along the way.

Jay Wussow, Data Scientist


I am always impressed and grateful for the candidness and openness across the teams. Between engineers, designers, data science, and product management, different disciplines work in cohesion and are passionate in sharing their expertise and perspectives.

Robin Fu, Senior Product Designer

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