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Uncover up to 17% in freight savings with our free lane analysis.


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In just 24 hours, Convoy’s freight lane analysis can find opportunities to reduce your transportation costs.

Convoy’s complimentary analysis finds the biggest opportunities for savings across your freight lanes. Here’s how it works:

  1. After you submit the form on this page, a Convoy employee will contact you and request your freight lane data.
  2. You send us your lane data and we analyze it to determine where your lane aligns with Convoy’s digital freight network.
  3. We schedule a 30-minute meeting to share lane insights and highlight your biggest savings opportunities. We can meet within 24 hours of receiving your company’s lane data.

Our freight analysis is free, fast, and as easy. Submit the form to uncover savings today.

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to unlock savings across your truckload transportation.

Our freight lane analysis is an objective measure that represents how your lanes align with Convoy’s digital freight network. The stronger the alignment, the larger the savings opportunities. Beyond transportation savings, you can also anticipate:


Gain access to reliable, flexible, and high quality carrier capacity with industry-leading performance.

Supply Chain Visibility

Get real-time tracking, 1,000+ data points on each shipment, and custom insights from our data science team.


Lower your carbon emissions by up to 45% by reducing the number of empty miles driven.


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