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Convoy Innovation Partners pairs shippers directly with Convoy’s engineers, data scientists and product designers to solve freight’s most challenging problems. We work together to build and test technology solutions that help shippers of all shapes and sizes gain more confidence and control throughout their shipping operations.

Partnering with Convoy has been nothing but amazing. We’ve had a lot of changes with our supply chain, and Convoy helped us work through them all. As soon as we heard about their Innovation Partners program, we wanted in. We are excited to be building the future of freight with Convoy.”

– Julie Rooney, Sixpoint Brewing

Recent Innovation


Convoy Connect

Convoy’s free Transportation Management System (TMS) that comes pre-configured with access to Convoy’s network of high-quality carriers. Convoy Connect allows shippers to manage all of their existing carriers, but unlike other alternatives, Connect also gives shippers instant access to Convoy’s capacity with guaranteed, real-time pricing. 

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Convoy Go

A nationwide drop and hook marketplace, Convoy Go gives high-volume shippers access to our Universal Trailer Pool for drop shipments, coupled with power only carriers who meet unrivaled quality and compliance standards.

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Dynamic Backup

A real-time, guaranteed rate inserted into the routing guide. Dynamic Backup helps shippers who adopt the program increase coverage by 20%.

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Our next project

What do you think it should be? We are currently working with our Innovation Partners on a variety of projects, here are just a few of the big questions we are trying to answer.

  • How can I make freight a service for my customers and a profit center for our company?
  • If I know where my trucks are and what’s on them, can I never go out of stock while also reducing inventory levels?
  • How can I create stability and consistency in my shipping operations and pricing?


  • Direct collaboration with Convoy engineers, designers, and data scientists
  • Exclusive access to unannounced projects
  • Outsized voice in the design process
  • Opportunity to inform the roadmap and identify high-value areas
  • Public showcase of partnership during launches

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Are you a shipper wrestling with freight’s big questions? Our product team wants to talk to you! Sign up below and we will connect you to a member of our team for a 30-minute conversation about your challenges, interest in innovation and vision for freight. 

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