Convoy’s digital freight network provides reliable, flexible capacity for the nation’s leading food and beverage companies.


Food and beverage supply chains never sleep. Our digital freight network operates around the clock with nationwide dry vanreefer, and drop service to keep your time-sensitive goods rolling.

Here are just a few reasons why our food and beverage customers choose Convoy for full truckload freight, whether primary, backup, or spot.

A Successful Food and Beverage Track Record

Anheuser-Busch and other leading food and beverage companies trust Convoy as a top-tier freight partner across brokers and asset-based carriers. With service teams working 24/7, we understand what it takes to deliver to the largest and most demanding supermarkets and wholesale clubs, making late night pickups and early morning deliveries.

Reliable, Flexible Capacity

Convoy gives you the best of both worlds – the reliability of your asset-based carriers combined with the flexible capacity of your best brokers. For example, with the food and beverage demand spikes caused by COVID-19, we automatically flexed our capacity by more than 50%, and throughout the demand whipsaw over the following months, we maintained industry-leading on-time delivery (OTD).

Higher Quality, Safer Drivers

Convoy has you covered with some of the industry’s safest drivers, thanks to our rigorous quality and compliance standards. Not only does this mean fewer crashes and damage claims, but it also helps reduce incidentals and maintain high satisfaction with your customers.

Unique Supply Chain Insights

Convoy is a new type of freight partner. We not only haul your loads more efficiently, but also provide deep insights into your supply chain to help you improve operations. For example, we can tell you which of your facilities get the highest and lowest ratings by drivers along with specific reasons for their feedback.

We recently helped one of our food and beverage shippers identify a facility that was consistently getting low ratings. We found the facility to have substantially higher than average wait times, with detention spiking between 5-7am. By shifting their morning picks and drops across the afternoon and evening, our customer was able to save more than $150,000 annually.

What Our Customers Say

By working with Convoy and leveraging their digital freight network, we have been able to reduce our overall transportation costs. We’ve been able to accomplish this by reducing the time it takes to secure, track and complete shipments while benefiting from competitive real-time rates.

– Senior Transportation Buyer at Land O’ Lakes

More Reliable Capacity, More Peace of Mind.

Ready to get started? Try adding our digital freight network as a carrier and see how Convoy helps you save time, save money, and ship responsibly.