Riverside, California Freight Shipping Quotes

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Freight Shipping in Riverside

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, in 2017 California ranked second nationwide in value of freight moving throughout the state. California brought in $601,187 million worth of freight, $1,336,301 million was shipped within the state, and $758,337 million worth was exported from California.

California also came in second out of the top 10 states for outbound reefer and van loads in 2020, with reefer loads at 820,793 and van loads at 1,186,350.

Riverside is in close proximity to the state’s major rail-freight centers, including UPSP (Union Paific & Southern Pacific) and BNSF (Burlington Northern Santa Fe) main and branch lines. In addition to the Riverside Municipal Airport, which is busy accommodating private aircraft and aerial businesses, Riverside is home to over 65 freight trucking companies and facilities.

Riverside is also in close proximity to the metro area of Los Angeles, one of the main global hubs when it comes to agriculture and business and the nation’s largest port ranked by value and tonnage of freight. L.A.’s proximity to Japan, Korea, and Taiwan help cement its role as a leader in international trade.

Regarding truck traffic times, California has longer than average commute times — so keep this in mind when scheduling your freight route in or out of Riverside.

Major Industries and Commercial Activity in Riverside

This southern California city’s dominant sector is retail trade, but Riverside’s economy also relies on several other industries, including agriculture, government, education, manufacturing, and technology.

The major shipping company DHL also chose Riverside as its West Coast headquarters, further boosting the Inland Empire city’s economic growth. Although none of them are based out of Riverside specifically, 15 Fortune 500 companies call the Los Angeles area their home.

The city of Riverside produces a variety of freight in several categories, including the following:

  • Electrical instruments
  • Plastics
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Food processing
  • Metal
  • Aircraft parts
  • Motorcycle parts
  • Home furniture
  • Medical imaging equipment
  • Recreational vehicles

Produce season in California is heaviest in May through July, with fruit being the predominant crop that will require transportation.

California’s top interstate trading partners are Texas, Arizona, Ohio, and Nevada.

How Weather Impacts Freight Shipping in Riverside

Although poor and extreme weather conditions are unlikely to impact your freight delivery schedule, instances such as heavy winds from the Santa Anas and disastrous wildfires can block roads and delay scheduled freight delivery. “Wildfire season” occurs during the summer, while Santa Ana windstorms happen anytime between the spring and fall months.

Brief storms involving thunder, tornados, and rain can occur in the Riverside area, so be aware since landslides and blocked roads due to debris can also have an effect on your freight schedule.

Freight Carriers in Riverside

Being one of the nation’s hubs for freight activity, it’s no surprise that truck driving has been the most common job in California since 1992. This also means that there are many options when it comes to choosing a quality carrier for your freight into and out of the Riverside area.

Riverside Freight Shipping Rates

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