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Earn More With Less Hassle

Convoy makes it easy to find, bid on, and haul loads that keep your trucks full. Get the most out of the Convoy app by using the features below.

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Get paid in two days with free Convoy QuickPay™

Use the Convoy app with location services enabled from pickup to drop off, and upload a photo of the signed Bill of Lading to be paid within 2 business days with free Convoy QuickPay™, with no fees.

“Convoy QuickPay™ is so fast and you have complete visibility into when your money will be deposited or if there are issues with the paperwork.”

Baldeep Singh, dispatch driver, Bains Trucking

Eliminate time-consuming phone calls with hassle-free lumper payments

With just a few taps on your mobile device, you can request and receive lumper payment codes instantly. No more time-consuming phone calls. No more out-of-pocket expenses.

“Requesting lumper payments is one of the most frustrating and inefficient processes I have to deal with. But now, it takes just seconds to request and receive a lumper payment code in the Convoy app.”

Taber Harden, owner-operator, TT Hauling, LLC

Increase take-home earnings and minimize empty miles with Automated Reloads

Convoy pairs shipments to minimize empty miles, maximize hours of service, and get you to where you want to be.

“Booking multiple loads with Convoy reduces the time I spend driving empty. It also saves me a ton of time searching for work.”

Sergio Luviano, dispatch driver, Illustrious Trucklines Corporation

With hassle-free detention, you can get approved instantly with a single tap in the Convoy app

Our GPS technology automatically calculates the time your truck has been at the facility so you get paid for time spent waiting.

“Out of every company I’ve worked for, Convoy has the best detention in the industry.”

Kelvin Erringhouse, dispatch driver, Rite-Way Xpress

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Earn More With Less Hassle

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