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A podcast for truckers

Introducing Convoy Radio, a podcast that brings you trucking news and interviews with transportation industry leaders

With hosts Jake Henderson and Michael Lewis, Convoy Radio connects with voices from the trucking world. In our first season, we have guests from major carriers, independent owner-operators, major shippers, freight transportation researchers, and more.

The Economics of the Freight Industry with Aaron Terrazas

Our topic today is economics – one that feels way over our heads. That’s why we made the wise decision to get Aaron Terrazas and Aviad Benzikry who are experts in the field to lead the conversation on this front. Aaron is an economist while Aviad deals with product marketing at Convoy, and both joined the company at a similar time earlier this year.

Today on the podcast we discuss the newsworthy events of the last few weeks, including the reported shortage of truck drivers and the scandal that involved a DPS worker being bribed to give out fake commercial driving licenses. We then dive into the freight recession of the past eight months, talking about how this both predicts and affects the larger US economy, what the main indicators are and what can be done to induce the expansion phase.

Aaron and Aviad talk about the research they have done on empty miles and share their findings of the different ways in which it happens, why it is so tricky to get exact numbers, how it impacts the market and how technology has come a long way to begin solving these problems for us. In conclusion, we raise the owner-operator debate and get our guests to weigh in on the matter.


A Strategy in the Spot Market with Sammy Lloyd

You might know Sammy Lloyd from YouTube. When he’s not making educational videos about the industry and his experiences as a driver, he fills the shoes of owner-operator, and we’re lucky enough to have him as our guest today.

We’re asking the question, “Who holds the spot market?” and Sammy weighs in on the conversation, sharing his strategies in the spot market, how he views the market right now and how things have changed since 2018.

He talks about the freedom that life on the road brings, having his brother as his co-driver and then he gets serious about booking outbound loads, doing research about what the market is doing and how technology has changed the landscape of the industry. Sammy gives us some practical guidelines for a realistic distance you can cover in a day, how you can cut down on expenses to lower your monthly obligations and a whole lot more!


Episode 10: Inside CDL instructor Dave Dein’s quest to develop the next generation of truck drivers

CDL instructor Dave Dein discusses one of the nation’s first high school truck driving programs at Patterson High School in California.


Episode 9: The 2019 State of Freight with transportation veteran Ryan Soskin

Industry guru Ryan Soskin joins the show to talk about the current state of the freight market halfway through 2019.


Episode 8: How Stephanie Trejo grew her family business from 2 to 12 trucks

Tremmar Freight Services’s Stephanie Trejo shares her journey as managing director of the family trucking business.


Episode 7: Trucking State of the Union with Will “Lil Dawg” Kling

Trucker and YouTube personality Will “Lil Dawg” Kling discusses how truck drivers can use social media to move the industry in a positive direction.


Episode 6: What’s the deal with the DRIVE-Safe Act?

Convoy Director of Quality and Compliance Lorin Seeks dives into the DRIVE-Safe Act and discuss how it impacts drivers and business owners.


Episode 5: Understanding Freight Futures with pricing strategist Michael Carroll

Convoy Head of Contract Revenue Michael Carroll takes hosts Jake and Michael through the ins and outs of freight futures. 


Episode 4: Proverbs from the road with legendary trucker Steve Crawford

Lifelong trucker Steve Crawford joins the show and shares his stories and wisdom from over 50 years on the road.


Episode 3: Talking Trucking with Convoy CEO Dan Lewis

Convoy CEO Dan Lewis talks about starting his own company and how transparency and technology are changing the trucking industry.


Episode 2: An Economics Lesson with Dr. Anne Goodchild

University of Washington freight transportation expert Dr. Anne Goodchild joins the show to talk public parking areas for truck drivers, sustainable freight transportation systems and more. 


Episode 1: Owning the Road with Steve Gordon

Trucking executive Steve Gordon joins the show and talks about growing up in a trucking family, how deregulation affected the trucking industry and selling Gordon Trucking in 2013.


Episode 0: Introducing Convoy Radio

Introducing Convoy Radio, a podcast that brings you trucking news and interviews with transportation industry leaders.

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