Convoy Go for Shippers | Convoy

An on-demand drop network for every supply chain

Scale your drop program, unlock power-only capacity, and lower your transportation costs. With Convoy Go, get access to our Universal Trailer Pool (UTP) and the unrivaled quality and compliance of our carrier network.

Added flexibility

Meet your ever-changing drop needs. Convoy’s Universal Trailer Pool and our large carrier network service surges in demand, even for spot shipments.

Unparalleled visibility

Rely on Convoy’s industry-leading levels of service on every drop shipment, including unrivaled carrier quality and real-time ETAs and GPS tracking.

More hauling capacity

Expand your drop network to all available carriers instead of a few asset-based options. You provide the pre-loaded drop trailer, and carriers provide the power unit.

Better performance

Get the benefits associated with asset-based carriers — including improved on-time pickup and delivery — but leverage our ever-growing logistics marketplace.


For shippers already working with Convoy, contact your Account Manager. If you’re new to Convoy, get started here.

Additional information about Convoy Go is available on this on-demand video

“Convoy has been recognized by our operations team as being consistently able to provide us capacity in a larger scale in tough times compared to some of our partners. In the past that extra capacity was exclusively live which presented challenges during loading at our plants and unloading at our customers.

“With the implementation of Convoy Go, and consequently the expansion of our drop capacity, those challenges have vanished. Convoy provides the capabilities and service needed to our plants and customers with reduced risks to the operation. Having access to a large Power Only carrier base and additional drop capability has increased our confidence in executing last minute asks in addition to decreasing overall service and financial impacts when those last minute requests do happen.”

— Fernando Bono, Logistics Procurement Manager at Unilever


What are the requirements to participate in Convoy Go?

Convoy Go is designed for businesses that ship 250+ annual loads on the same lane. For shippers already working with Convoy, contact your Account Manager. If you’re new to Convoy, get started here.

Why did we launch Convoy Go?

Convoy Go provides shippers more flexibility so you can load trailers on your schedule. Convoy Go also maximizes carrier drive time by removing the wait time for trailer loading.

What are the shipper benefits of Convoy Go?

Convoy Go expands your drop network to all available carriers with service levels at or greater than service levels provided by asset-based carriers.