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This week Convoy hosted a webinar looking back at the key market forces driving the freight industry in 2019, and explored how unresolved questions from the past year might shape the market going into 2020. There remain substantial uncertainties about the economic outlook for the coming year. To some degree, there always are. But for […]

Industrial activity was soft in October, posting its second consecutive year-over-year decline. Some of the results can be written off to one-off factors — the residual effects of the General Motors strike that ended mid-month, and a strong comparable for October 2018.  The economy faced a number of headwinds in September that weighed on industrial […]

Industrial activity was weak in September, buffeted by adverse weather, tough times in farm country, labor disruptions, and the continuing trade war. After posting a modest rebound in August, industrial production hit another rough spot in September and was down 0.16 percent from a year earlier. Manufacturing and consumer goods showed even sharper declines. But […]

Today, Convoy is proud to share that bundling loads through our Automated Reloads program is yielding a 45% decrease in CO2 emissions from trucks running empty less often. Launched nationwide in June, Automated Reloads algorithmically groups multiple full-truckload shipments for carriers — minimizing empty miles, eliminating time wasted between loads, and lowering the resulting unnecessary […]

This post was originally published on Convoy’s Tech Blog on Medium There is a dirty secret in the freight industry. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), medium- and heavy-duty truck freight accounts for 7 percent of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, or 436.5 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent in 2017 (the most recent year of data […]

The freight economy remains in the midst of a recession despite stronger-than-anticipated industrial activity in August. Industrial Production data published this morning by the Federal Reserve Board Industrial Production were a welcome relief for anyone looking for a break from a recent string of soft manufacturing numbers. Still, despite the August pickup, factory activity is […]

When you drive a heavy truck, highways are your second home and many truckers have strong preferences for where they stop their rigs. Inspired by American Trucking Association’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we identified the truck stop in every state most visited by our community of tens of thousands of carriers. When carriers turn […]

The freight industry is currently experiencing a recession, which began in October 2018.From peak to peak, the freight industry typically experiences a full industry-specific business cycle about every four years; the typical freight recession lasts around 10 months.While freight industry downturns often lead macroeconomic downturns by several months, about half of freight industry recessions over […]