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Major corporations are investing more resources than ever with diverse-owned businesses to improve their supply chains by creating programs that focus on diversity growth. Diversity in supply chains promote innovation by introducing new products and services while expanding the range of supply channels for goods and services. Corporations’ commitment to diverse supply chains creates an […]

This industry has 3.5 million professional men and women who not only deliver our goods safely, securely, and on time, but also keep our highways safe. Convoy would like to give a special thanks to our outstanding “Haul Stars” that move this industry forward. These individual businesses were recognized for their flawless performance with Convoy […]

The Road to Win-Win Contract Freight for Shippers and Carriers Today I am excited to introduce Convoy Guaranteed Primary, a new, industry-first pricing program for primary freight that reduces a shipper’s total cost by up to 19% while guaranteeing capacity. Guaranteed Primary eliminates the win-lose dynamic of traditional RFPs. It provides shippers with a fixed […]

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month across the United States this September, as well as Mexico’s Independence Day today, Convoy’s Latinx community is also celebrating an important milestone: The Latinx@Convoy Employee Resource Group (ERG) was established one year ago, in Fall 2019, with the aim of building a vibrant Latinx community at Convoy. A year […]

Government data released this week provided the latest official read on the state of U.S. factories and consumers — two critical pillars of freight demand. Outside seemingly omnipresent natural disaster zones, freight demand has been distinctly cooler in early September, though relative to historic norms it remains strong. As consumption and production patterns settle into a […]

On Friday, July 10th, Convoy joined Kevin on his webinar series, Positive Matters, to discuss the current economy in regards to supply, demand, and truckload rates.  In part one (demand), we looked at data on factory output and the headwinds and tailwinds in the freight economy. In part two (supply), we focussed on how driver […]

Sustainability can truly become harmonious with a business when it is an integral pillar of a company’s DNA versus being an afterthought. When sustainability is literally baked into the brand, then how a company operates, everything it produces, its policies and procedures, interactions with suppliers and vendors, etc. are all viewed through a sustainability lens […]

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) monthly Employment Situation Report is widely recognized as the most authoritative portrait of real-time economic activity. But for the freight industry, the report provides an incomplete snapshot of the state of trucker employment.  This morning’s data showed a 0.7% (10,000, seasonally adjusted) increase in truck transportation jobs in August […]

Every day, logistics teams respond to unpredictable shifts in demand for their companies’ goods. As consumer expectations rise, so do the requirements on supply chain performance. As supply chains become more connected and complex, so do the points of vulnerability to disruption.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) International Roadcheck Blitz, often referred to as DOT Inspection Week, is set for September 9 – 11th. Below is a list of 3 ways every carrier in our network can be prepared:  Get your documents in order. With this year’s focus being on driver requirements, the inspector will collect […]

As Convoy continues on its journey toward building a more equitable company, it takes the support of the whole Convoy community to make that vision a reality.  This was especially true in the formation of our Women@Convoy Employee Resource Group (ERG), Convoy’s first ERG, in 2018. Women@Convoy emerged from a groundswell of ardent and supportive […]

Sustainability in business — exactly how can it be established, managed, and monitored? For companies starting up circa 2020, sustainability can be a huge component of their founding mission. But for others who have been around for quite some time, how do you begin to incorporate sustainability into operations, policies, procedures, and overall mindset where […]