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Today, we’re proud to announce a partnership with BluJay Solutions, a leading supply chain software and service provider.   This partnership provides shippers with direct access to Convoy’s instant market rates with guaranteed tender acceptance no matter the market conditions, via BluJay’s Transportation Management dashboard.  This direct integration has already begun to roll out with […]

Historically, shippers have relied on brokers for flexible carrier capacity but looked to asset-based carriers to manage risk and improve service quality. Shippers were forced to make an either/or decision. But Convoy delivers the best of both, offering the flexibility of a broker while also providing the safety and quality typically associated with asset-based carriers. […]

Self-employed truck drivers — known as owner-operators in the freight industry — earn more per hour and work more hours for a combined higher income than company drivers who are paid per mile or per hour, though owner-operator earnings also vary more widely. [1] Eleven percent of truck drivers [2] nationwide are self-employed, a share […]