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There’s a funny thing that happens when a company’s mission and purpose is tied to sustainability and social responsibility from ground zero. This commitment to doing the right thing, to being environmentally aware, to helping communities and empowering people often becomes as esteemed as the product you are selling. Consumers want to do business with […]

February is a special month at Convoy this year. Not only are we commemorating Black History Month, but we are also celebrating the six-month anniversary of Black@Convoy, one of our Employee Resource Groups (ERG).  Black@Convoy’s mission is to represent and celebrate Black employees at Convoy. Black@ creates a supportive and inclusive community for our Black […]

As any economist will tell you, supply and demand are primary drivers of price. Freight rates are no exception. When carrier supply is low and shipper demand is high, prices rise. When supply is high and demand is low, prices fall. The logistics industry refers to these conditions as tight and soft markets. An understanding […]

Today, Convoy announces major enhancements to its carrier experience with two industry-leading innovations. First, Convoy’s transparent auctions now show bid ranges, revealing the highest rate that will be considered in the current auction round – empowering carriers to better target their bids. Second, Convoy now displays the auction round closing time, providing clarity on when […]

Businesses of all sizes and across industries are investing in new ways to not only increase their revenue, but also create opportunities to drive positive economic growth in their communities. One key way businesses are accomplishing this is by diversifying their supply chains. Creating a diverse supply chain not only helps improve your brand’s reputation […]

The labor market proved more resilient in January than many had anticipated, with the unemployment rate falling to 6.5% compared to an average forecast of 6.7%. Despite an early-month surge in Covid-19 infections, the spread of new virus mutations, and political upheaval, businesses added 49,000 jobs last month according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, […]

This case study was originally published on FreightWaves.If you like this story, you’ll love our other Shipper Testimonials. Executing automotive freight is hard. Assembly plants run on little inventory and need just-in-time deliveries. Inbound trucks often have multiple stops at suppliers before their final destination. The freight can be high-value and often must be handled with care. […]

In 2020, Convoy unveiled new features, products and partnerships, all with the singular focus of helping carriers in our network earn more with hassle. Learn more about each below: Hassle-free lumper payments We kicked off 2020 by introducing a industry’s first feature for carriers: hassle-free lumper payments via EFS (Electronic Funds Source) integration in the […]

The new year brings new inspiration and the Womxn@Convoy Employee Resource Group (ERG) is making sure our members are set up for success with all the tools, connections, and inspiration they need to make this a great year. Womxn@Convoy is one of seven ERGs at Convoy. We exist to empower our members both professionally and […]

Prior to the onset of COVID, tourism came under fire for the impact it was having on destinations. Many locations like Venice, Machu Picchu, Amsterdam, Iceland, and the Galapagos Islands were working to restrict tourism because of the negative impact the high numbers of visitors were having on the local community. Yet, as with any […]

There are hundreds of companies who promise to safely deliver your refrigerated goods from one location to the next, and it can be overwhelming to validate each carrier or broker.  Beyond some of the most common carrier characteristics to consider when evaluating trucking companies, such as percentage of on-time deliveries, cost, and driver safety, working […]

Today we released the 2020 Freight Insights Report, an examination of trends in the North American freight industry throughout the historic year. Convoy’s industry-leading data science and insights teams reviewed our proprietary freight data along with the best transportation and economic data that’s publicly available to assemble this report. The 2020 Freight Insights Report marks […]

Every business has a different sense of urgency around their cash flow. When measuring the importance of time vs money for your trucking company there is no one size fits all solution. No matter what your business needs are, Convoy offers a variety of ways to help your company earn more with less hassle.   To […]