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The RFP is a key part of the planning process for high-volume shippers. In this three-part series, Convoy is going to present a unique and improved approach for shippers to get the most out of the RFP process. Please read RFP 2.0 – Improving the Shipper RFP Experience for the introduction. In this installment of […]

Top of mind for most companies right now, supply chain sustainability involves a broad scope of activities that start at the point of raw materials and finish when the final product arrives at the end user’s doorstep or dock. At all points along the way there are opportunities to work in a more sustainable manner. […]

You often hear about businesses striving to become a “shipper of choice” or preferred shippers. Those terms refer to companies that are making changes to be more “carrier friendly”. That includes everything from shortening facility wait times and changing multi-stop routes to single stop routes to training employees and adding clean bathrooms to their waiting […]