Women in Trucking

Convoy stands behind helping women succeed in trucking.

How Convoy supports women in the freight and trucking industry

Facility insights

Know what to expect from facilities before you’ve even booked the load with thousands of ratings and reviews from your fellow carriers, including wait times, parking, and amenities.

Fair rate submissions

Book all loads through the Convoy app and overcome the pitfalls and biases often associated with phone negotiations.

Company values

We are committed to starting with the customer and diving deep to understand your problems and help provide solutions. Our values are aligned with your safety and success.

What carriers say

These testimonials are from female carriers who have used Convoy to grow their businesses.

Tips for success

We know breaking into a new industry can be hard, so we spoke to female carriers in our network to understand what tips they have for other women looking to get into trucking.

  1. Lead by example, you never know who you will inspire
  2. Find the right partner to help you streamline your operations
  3. Don’t be deterred because it’s a “man’s industry”
  4. Divide and conquer, lean into your strengths
  5. Learn from others to avoid their mistakes
  6. Speak to as many women truckers as you can

Earn more with less hassle

Convoy makes it easy for carriers to find, bid on, and haul loads that keep their trucks full and earning on the lanes they like to run.

See all the loads

Get free access to thousands of nationwide dry van loads, reefer loads, and power-only loads, and receive automatic alerts when loads are available on your preferred lanes.

Reduce hassle

Find and manage work right from your phone with the Convoy app. Track your fleet’s locations and arrival times with GPS.

Get paid faster

Get paid quickly with free Convoy QuickPay™ within 48 hours. Available on every load. No fees.

Maximize your earnings

Save up to $35,000 per year, per truck, with TruckYeah Savings, including the Convoy Fuel Card and Convoy Factoring.

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