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“Convoy makes it so easy to find loads. In the app, you can see the rates and even bid. A lot of times, my bids will be accepted. Being able to click and go is priceless.”
Michael Rivera Marr Transport Service Read More
“I’ve been using Convoy for two years. Convoy’s service and the pay is the best. If something happens, I can get someone on the phone right away.”
Juan Garcia, Pacific Star Nursery Transportation Read More
“I would recommend Convoy’s Carrier Web to everyone in the trucking industry. It is easy to use and great for finding work — it takes only a minute to see what is available. You can bid on loads, have your rates on file, and booking takes no time.”
Harry Greci, Winding Brook Transport Read More
“Technology in trucking is going to become the norm. I like Convoy because everything is automated.”
Janee Moore Thompson Trucking & Logistics Read More
“It’s easy. There is no ambiguity — no disconnect between you and the broker. It’s transparent. You get your load right away. You get your information on the app. And the best part is you get QuickPay.”
Rupender Gill BSC Trucking Read More
“After starting with Convoy, we increased our fleet by 30 trucks. It’s a good company with a good amount of volume. It helped us build our business and customer base in California — something we could never do before.”
Guri Bhathal National Transportation Services Read More
Stephanie Trejo didn’t intend to take over Tremmar Freight Services, her dad and uncle’s trucking business. Then she heard rumors the family intended to shut it down. “So, I quit my job and I took over,” she says. When she started as an owner-dispatcher, Tremmar had 2 trucks and 1 driver — now, 6 years later, she has 12 drivers and 15 trucks.
Stephanie Trejo Tremmar Freight Services Read More
"I owe it all to you guys, to Convoy. I’ll believe that for the rest of my life, you guys got me going. With your help I got started in a positive way, on the right foot."
Roberto Casillas Reyn Transportation Inc. Read More
"I like the way everything is laid out. I can choose loads right there [in the app], whether I want it, or if i need it for the back end. You know other brokers play the cat- and-mouse game, and it can become a headache. I like how I can see everything available to me in the Convoy app."
George Maple Maple-Lynn Logistics
"Before, if you wanted to work with a broker, you were going to do a 10-page contract that you’d be doing from a truck stop. The broker would have to fax it to you at the truck stop so you can fill it out. You could also have the contract emailed to you, but then you’re in your truck, and to fill out and sign it — I mean, that kind of stuff, that went away to where now it can all be done online. There’s no printing it out and all that other nonsense."
Chad Bobblett Boblett Brothers Inc. Read More
"When I wake up in the morning, Convoy is the only thing I check. I see what's available and book what we need for today."
Mandy Kaur (Pictured: Mandy's husband/driver and son) K M Motor Lines Inc
"Convoy’s automated bidding with Request a Load has become my new normal in finding loads to keep my six trucks rolling: This has made my job easier and right now, it’s the primary way I get loads."
Diana Guilamo Francisco Trucking Corp Read More
"Flex Loads gives me more leeway to plan my route. If you see a load that starts on Tuesday but you can't get there until Wednesday, then Flex Loads lets me fit it into my schedule. I would like to see more companies do this."
Christian Valdovinos, CAEVA Trucking
“The convoy app is fast, convenient, and easy to use. The loads, rates and lack of wait times are good for both the drivers and dispatchers."
Harry Singh G Eagle Inc
"I like the straightforwardness of dealing with Convoy. There never are issues with payments, the uploading of the BOLs is clear, you guys spell it out and there’s no issue. I like the simplicity."
Gerrit Schut, Dutch Vision Trucking LLC
“Convoy’s Carrier Web makes it easier & faster to see & read everything on the computer instead of the phone, as our dispatchers are always in the office.”
Erica, Dulai Pride Read More
“Convoy has the best app and website in the industry and it’s seamless to switch between them.”
Kiran, Pawa Trucking
“Before working with Convoy, I spent a significant amount of my time hunting for loads with many different load boards and brokers, trying to fix a schedule that minimizes deadhead and maximizes pay. Often, I drove empty far more often than I wanted to.”
Cesar Chinchilla, Chinchilla Express Line