Science & Analytics at Convoy

Building the future of freight

At Convoy, science is core to our mission to drive efficiency and eliminate waste in the freight industry. As we scale, we’re building one of the largest and most diverse science and analytics teams in tech. We’re business intelligence engineers, economists, analysts, meteorologists, and statisticians. There’s even an astrophysicist.

Our common denominator is we bring a rigorous scientific approach to solving Convoy’s toughest problems.

Our roles

Our roles are meant as guidelines – we never constrict interest or scope based solely on job description. With this in mind, here’s how we think about the job roles that make up Science & Analytics.

Business Analyst

Business Analysts develop analytical frameworks to answer strategic/business questions and generate insights. They help identify key performance patterns, trends and drivers, and inform strategies and business decisions. Business analysts partner with cross-functional teams to understand business context, prioritize questions to answer, and define key metrics. They create reports and visualizations that enable data-driven insights, decisions, and actions. 

Business Intelligence Engineer (BIE)

BIEs are responsible for creating the proper data modeling necessary to facilitate reporting, analytics, and predictive modeling for business, product and program stakeholders. BIEs create sources of truth, build and manage robust/optimized data pipelines, drive metric definition alignment, and deliver self-service and scalable BI solutions, including automated reports, dashboards and data visualizations.

Data Scientist

Data scientists are the generalists of the science and analytics world, with responsibilities ranging from product decision support, experimental design, and model development to offline statistical analysis. Based on the pod’s needs, data scientists typically expand their work into broader analytics to “shine the light” on their product, identify opportunities for achieving team’s goals and create data-driven narratives to communicate the status of specific initiatives. Data scientists’ projects at Convoy range from building key performance metric insights to designing pricing experiments and developing pricing strategies accordingly. 

Research Scientist

Research scientists are the specialists of the science and analytics world, often with a specific functional expertise in operations research, machine learning or economics. They solve business problems by engaging in deep research projects, working to digest and communicate their findings to business stakeholders, and then work with others to productionalize their modeling work in a scalable way. Operations research scientists specialize in different optimization problems such as bundling loads or rerouting empty trailers. Machine learning research scientists specialize in prediction problems, such as predicting the cost of a truck or the intent behind an email. Economists specialize in experimental design, marketplace design, and long-term economic forecasting problems.

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