Weekly Freight Market Update: Flowers Strain Reefer Capacity

Nationally, there were minimal changes in shipping volume and tender rejection rates.

In the South, produce season has started to pick up, and we’re seeing elevated reefer tender rejection rates in both Jacksonville, Florida and Savannah, Georgia. Reefer tender rejection rates are up all along the eastern United States, including Columbia, South Carolina; Chattanooga, Tennessee; and Nashville, Tennessee, indicating produce season is moving its way north.

Another strain on reefer capacity this week is Mother’s Day flower purchases. Similar to Valentine’s Day, 25% of holiday flower purchases in a year are made for Mother’s Day, and these flowers need to be transported using cold chain technologies. Most flowers grown for Mother’s Day enter the U.S. through Miami, where they compete aggressively with produce for reefer capacity.

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Jessica Cederquist
Jessica is a Programs Specialist at Convoy.