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Bad Weather Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

CarriersPublished on October 31, 2018

Bad weather can make for scary driving conditions, no matter what time of year. Remember these tips the next time you get behind the wheel of your rig.

  1. Do a full pre-trip inspection. Make sure all your tread is deep, tires are filled, exhaust pipe is cleared and your truck/trailer are ready to hit the road.
  2. Increase stopping distances. Stopping distances increase with wet roads so make sure to increase following distance. Don’t forget that wet leaves on the ground are almost as slippery as ice, so be aware of the roads you’re traveling.
  3. Slow down. Traction is decreased with the bad weather, so slow down in treacherous areas
  4. Easy on the breaks. Brake and accelerate lightly – this will reduce the chance of your wheels spinning out of control.
  5. Take extra caution on bridges. Bridges often have more ice on them than other sections of the road so practice extra caution when approaching a bridge
  6. If you can, wait it out. If the weather is perilous, try your best to stay off the road
  7. Always pack emergency supplies. Make sure you prepare for the different weather conditions you will face before you start your journey. Also, make sure you have emergency supplies packed in case you get stranded.
  8. Clean your lights. Make sure your lights are clean and clear to help other vehicles see you
  9. In low visibility, try and get off the road. If visibility is poor, try your best to not stop on the shoulder as drivers may believe you are in the lane driving and crash into you
  10. Turn slow. Make sure your turns are slow and controlled. Wheels lose traction easily in inclement weather conditions.

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