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U2’s Bono and The Edge invest in Convoy

U2 frontman Bono and lead guitarist The Edge have invested in the future of trucking by supporting Convoy, the leading network of technology-connected small trucking companies.

“Bono and The Edge know more about trucking than you might think. They’ve spent most of their adult lives touring the world with U2, and trucks are an essential part of moving the show from city to city.”  Dan Lewis, Co-founder and CEO, Convoy, said. “When they heard about Convoy, they loved that we are using technology to empower millions of truckers to grow their businesses while at the same time reducing empty miles and waste,”

Every year, commercial trucks run empty over 100 billion miles in the U.S. alone. Driven by its mission to transport the world with endless capacity and zero waste, Convoy has built the largest technology-connected network of small trucking companies in the country. By optimizing this network, Convoy efficiently delivers truckload freight in a way that improves truck drivers’ livelihood and reduces the 7% of all greenhouse gases that come from trucking.

With a growing platform that more efficiently matches small trucking companies with freight that needs to be shipped, Convoy is leading the way in technology and transportation innovation for truck drivers – the #1 job in America, for thousands of American families, and for a more environmentally sustainable future.

Bono and The Edge made their investment in 2017.

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Convoy is a nationwide trucking network and platform that’s transforming the $800B trucking industry. With Convoy, carriers get access to a free mobile app that allows them to find loads they want, save time, drive fewer miles empty, and get paid quickly. Shippers use Convoy’s data-driven insights and industry-leading service levels to book loads, improve their supply chain operations, lower costs, and reduce waste.