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Top Four Fuel Cards for Truckers

CarriersPublished on March 31, 2021

Finding the right freight fuel card for your business can help you save a significant amount of money over time. One of the best things about freight fuel cards is that you don’t have to pick just one! We’ve got the top four fuel cards for truckers recommended by carriers who use Convoy listed below. Take a read through our list, pick the card (or cards) that sound right for your business, and start saving!

Top Freight Fuel Cards

1. Convoy Fuel Card

With the Convoy freight fuel card, carriers can save an average of $.68 per gallon* and over $6,500 per year. The card helps you maximize your savings by eliminating transaction fees at participating locations across the nation, including TA Petro, Ambest, and more. The feature that makes the Convoy fuel card a game changer, is the interactive map with eligible stations and the amount you will save at each accessible directly in the Convoy app. Plan your route, find your station, and hit the road!

Program Highlights: No fees and an average savings of $.68 per gallon*

2. Flying Pilot J

This freight fuel card is accepted at Pilot and Flying J Travel Centers, the One9 Fuel Network, and Pilot Flying J Truck Care Service Centers. It offers a smaller total network than some of the other cards on the list, however, users can receive discounts on a variety of services at participating travel centers which increases the value for carriers. Unlike other cards, Pilot’s Axle fleet card does not provide savings per gallon. In place of savings per gallon this card offers up to 3% cash back and flexible payment to its users. The Flying Pilot J freight fuel card also offers users access to an online account portal, enhanced payment terms if needed, and cash-back rewards on certain purchases. 

Program Highlights: No fees and a 3% cash back program**


 The NASTC fuel card offers carriers access to steep fuel discounts at the stations their drivers prefer to stop. The NASTC freight fuel card is unique in that transactions are computed based on a cost-plus, retail minus, or the marquee price, whichever is better for the purchaser at the time of the sale. This enables you to rest easy knowing that you are getting a fair price every single time you fill up. 

Program Highlights: No fees and an average savings of $.28 per gallon**

4. Fleetone

One of the major draws of the Fleet One Fuel Card is the size of their network. With almost 4,000 in-network sites and 12,000 truck stops that accept the card, it is one of the largest fuel networks in the industry. However, if you have to fill up at a station that is not in-network you will likely be charged a fee on your transaction when using this freight fuel card. 

Program Highlights: No fees when visiting in network stations and an average savings of $.15 per gallon**

Not sure if a fuel card is right for your business?

Do you like saving money on gas? Then a fuel card is likely the right choice for you! The biggest benefit of having a company fuel card are the savings that your business gets every time you fill up. As your business grows, there are additional benefits such as the ability to track your fuel spend, set budgets for drivers in your fleet, and easily limit your exposure risk to fraud that will make a freight fuel card worthwhile. Find the card, or cards, that best meet your needs and start saving today. Learn more → 

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*Average savings of $.68 per gallon is based on actual in-network client transactions for Q4 of 2022.

** Average savings highlights the listed savings and fees for each card as displayed on each individual company’s website at the time of publishing. These numbers may have changed since the time of publishing.  


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