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Sustainability in Trucking – Q3 snapshot report

SustainabilityPublished on August 26, 2020

In August 2020 Convoy surveyed over 440 small and mid-sized trucking companies across the United States to collect a snapshot of sustainability in trucking. Survey participants include dispatchers for fleets and owner-operators. All the results are self reported by the participants. This report is data from over 31,787,562 miles driven in July. 

Survey highlights:

  • 97% of drivers use a mobile app to book loads. 
  • 33% of drivers plan to buy a truck in the next year. 
  • 77% rate fuel efficiency as an important consideration when purchasing a truck. This percentage increased to 85% for those who are considering purchasing a truck within the next year. 
  • 18% of drivers have completed an eco-driving fuel efficiency training program. This percentage increases as the number of trucks increases. 26% of drivers with more than 26 trucks have completed an eco-driving fuel efficiency training program in contrast to 16% of drivers with one truck have completed an eco-driving fuel efficiency training program.
  • 64% of respondents identified their company as being at least 51% owned and operated by a member or members of one or more of a diverse supplier group.

Snapshot report – Sustainability in Trucking from Jennifer Wong


Jennifer Wong

Jennifer is the Head of Sustainability at Convoy, helping transportation leaders make progress against their environmental and social impact goals.
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