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A new way to find loads and reduce deadhead

CarriersPublished on March 27, 2018

Today, we are excited to announce new ways of finding work that help carriers plan ahead, reduce deadhead miles, and get the loads they really want—all free through our mobile app’s load board.

Our carriers consistently tell us that the thing that matters most is to help them keep their trucks full and find loads on the lanes they want to run.

Running empty is a big problem in the industry. On average, 40% of trucks on the road are empty or not utilized. Carriers also deal with the stress of looking for loads while on the road, answering broker calls, or paying a dispatch service to help them find work which takes a cut from their bottom line.

Request a Load

With Request a Load, carriers use the Convoy app to let us know when they will be empty or what lanes they prefer to run. Convoy uses that information to match them with available loads in our network and send them personalized loads the instant they become available. Carriers can view these loads anytime they open the app and accept them instantly, without having to make or receive a phone call.  

Carriers who used this feature told us that it allowed them to plan further ahead and keep their trucks full. It also helped them reduce the risk of accepting loads in unfamiliar areas by helping them find their next load, hassle-free.

Margaret, a dispatcher at Pacific National Transport said “I don’t post a truck because I don’t want to get badgered by calls every 5 minutes. When we request a load, the first loads in the Convoy app are the ones that we requested. I can look for myself. I’m in more control.”

How to use this feature:

Suggested Reloads

In addition to Request a Load, we are also announcing a new feature called Suggested Reloads.

With Suggested Reloads, Convoy helps carriers minimize empty times and deadhead miles while maximizing their profits. When a carrier looks at loads in the app, Convoy suggests recommended reloads near their drop-off location. This helps a carrier see freight options close to the drop-off before committing to the load.

If the suggested reloads works for the carrier, they can accept both loads instantly, allowing them to plan ahead and avoid empty driving.

“The key in trucking is productivity and utilization. When we know ahead of time that there are reloads available, we can keep our trucks full. It also helps with driver satisfaction as they know where they will be and we can keep our promise to get them home on schedule” – Steve Crawford, SCT Direct, Inc.

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