Prepared for the Unpredictable

Achieving a state of flow for transporting goods can be challenging, even for one of the world’s leading premium bottled water brands.

Constant demand, constant shifts

This bottled water brand’s production processes stay agile to fulfill customer demand and drive operational efficiencies. Decisions made on where to bottle and ship their water adjusted on a weekly basis.

As a result, it was difficult to accurately forecast shipment volumes, define pickup facilities and designate drop-off destinations. The importer also experienced seasonal surges during summer months and had high customer expectations to fulfill.

Enter Convoy’s freight services and technology

Shipment needs that were predictable and consistent were low and fulfilled through Convoy primary contracts. Coverage for the majority of the bottled water brand’s volume today is provided via Convoy Dynamic Backup, and loads are tracked via the online shipper platform.

Transportation teams are able to get instant rates and book loads with guaranteed tender acceptance by activating the Dynamic Backup API. They are also able to secure high-quality capacity from Convoy’s digital freight network of more than 400,000 trucks—all powered by 80,000 carriers with higher safety ratings than industry averages.

More flexibility, improved visibility

The bottled water brand has completed nearly 6,000 shipments through the dynamic pricing program since late 2019. Teams also used Convoy’s online shipper platform to track shipments and access PODs and BOLs to verify on-time delivery for their customers.

Performance is improving as a result. Most recently, the bottled water brand reported 95% On-Time Pickup (OTP) for contracted and Dynamic Backup volume during one of their busiest Summer months. 97% of all loads serviced in that same period were delivered on time, continuing to help the brand save significantly by avoiding fines due to missed deliveries.

Ready for market softening

As the U.S. full truckload market continues softening in 2022, the bottled water brand also now has options to consider for low-cost, high-quality coverage. With Dynamic Backup, they can quickly get and compare rates to secure cost-effective coverage. They are also paying an average lower rate-per-lane than they would on the spot market, even in soft market conditions.

Today, Convoy is the premium water bottled water brand’s top API carrier. Trucking costs are optimized in real-time to ensure quality coverage at rates in-tune with the market.

The bottled water brand is also partnering with Convoy’s Shipper Insights team to explore ways to enhance performance monitoring beyond shipment tracking. By optimizing their operations across facilities and modes of transportation, there is a shared vision to continue reducing costs and improving service quality.

Getting Started with Dynamic Backup

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Viv Luu
Viv (she/they) drives B2B product marketing for Convoy’s dynamic pricing programs. She previously led go-to-market and expansion strategies for AI-assisted solutions at a leading fintech company. She also spent +10 years growing marketing programs with brands including Adobe, Microsoft, IBM, and NIKE.