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Convoy Introduces Power-Only Program and Universal Trailer Pool

Today, we are excited to announce a new program that will unlock business opportunities for small carriers and owner-operators, helping them access more loads and spend more time with their trucks full.

A major challenge facing the freight industry is a shortage of drivers and a limited number of trucks available to service shipments. An aging driver base, paired with new regulation limiting hours of service, have created one of the most challenging freight environments in decades.

In response to this, America’s largest shippers often require trucking companies to drop extra trailers at their distribution centers to pre-load before a driver arrives. With the drop system, these shippers exclusively use larger trucking companies who have a surplus of trailers available.

As a result, these shipments are not available to the nearly 90% of U.S. trucks that are owned by small trucking companies.  These companies do not have a surplus of trailers, which means that they miss out on the majority of freight from these major shippers.

To solve this, Convoy is thrilled to announce a Power-only and Universal Trailer Pool solution, which is available to thousands of small carriers who use the Convoy app. With Convoy’s new program, small carriers are able to bring in their power unit and haul Convoy’s pre-loaded trailers. This gives them access to billions of dollars in new shipments and saves time waiting — so carriers can start earning more.

“Power-Only with Convoy makes it easy to get loads I’ve never had before, and saves me time loading and unloading at facilities.”   –Jose Martinez Trucking

Convoy’s Universal Trailer Pool creates a seamless “grab and go” system, where carriers simply bring their power unit, pick up a pre-loaded trailer, and hit the road.

Convoy is currently operating power-only shipments and Universal Trailer Pool with shippers in select areas, with plans to expand nationally in the near future. (Update: As of April 2019 – we have launched Convoy Go nationally, click here to learn more)

If you’re a new carrier who is interested in power only work, sign up for Convoy. If you’re an existing Convoy carrier, you can qualify for power-only loads here.

If you’re a shipper, contact us to learn more about getting started.

Learn more about power-only loads in Convoy’s Freight Shipping Guide.

Austin Watkins
Austin is a Senior Program Manager on Convoy’s Growth team. Before joining Convoy, Austin launched new markets and programs with Uber in the Northwest.