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Niagara Selects Convoy as National Carrier of the Year for the 2nd Year in a Row

Niagara Bottling, a leading bottled water supplier in the United States, awarded Convoy with the 2019 National Carrier of the Year award. This marks the second year in a row that Convoy has won this prestigious award from Niagara. 

The opportunity to build a more efficient and sustainable supply chain for our shippers is core to our DNA as a digital freight network. At the 7th Annual Niagara Bottling Carrier Conference focused on “Driving Evolution in the Supply Chain,” Convoy was proud to be singled-out as a strategic partner for Niagara Bottling, helping them achieve their goals of reducing waste in the supply chain while providing both reliable and flexible service to their logistics team. 

“Convoy’s innovative approach to the industry coupled with a commitment to service gave them an edge against an extremely competitive field this year,” says Paul Estrada, Niagara’s Director of Procurement – Logistics. “Congratulations to the entire Convoy team. We look forward to continuing to work with the Convoy team to innovate and drive improved performance in our supply chain.”

Paul Estrada (Niagara Director of Procurement), Grant Goodale (Convoy CTO), Brooks McMahon (Convoy VP of Partnerships), Andrew Hammes (Convoy Account Manager), Lindsay Duffy (Convoy Account Director), Madison Berg (Niagara Carrier Relations Manager), Shawn Safieddin (Niagara Vice President of Supply Chain)

Convoy provides Niagara the transparent data and insights they need to manage and improve its supply chain. Because every Convoy driver is connected and tracked via the Convoy app, Niagara receives robust analytics and reporting, done in real-time with full transparency. Facility ratings and on-time reporting come via data, not just anecdotes, all of which help Niagara improve efficiency, lower costs, and become a shipper of choice among carriers. 

“Convoy is honored to have received this award again, and we are thrilled to be working with a partner that has embraced the role of technology in building a more efficient and sustainable supply chain,” says Brooks McMahon Vice President of Partnerships at Convoy. “I am especially proud of the relationship we have built with our counterparts at Niagara, diving deep to understand their unique challenges and collaboratively work toward innovative solutions, together.”

Convoy is proud to be delivering Niagara bottled water across the nation and looks forward to our continued partnership to build a more efficient and sustainable supply chain. 

If you are interested in learning more about how we can partner to digitally transform your supply chain, please let us know. 

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